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Tammy Sytch Speaks Out Following Cancer Scare & Release From Prison

As reported this week, Tammy Sytch, famously known as Sunny, was released from a Connecticut prison after serving a four-month sentence for repeatedly violating terms of a restraining order filed by her former boyfriend. While in jail, it was determined that Sytch had developed cervical cancer.

Sytch contracted HPV before entering prison and discovered during her sentence that it had developed into cervical cancer. However, she is now cancer-free after undergoing a hysterectomy at a hospital a few weeks ago.

Addressing the traumatic events via Facebook, she stated, "I'm free. Free from prison. Free from cancer. Free from my nightmare. I thank God for the lessons he has taught me and the blessings bestowed upon me. I have only good things ahead in my life."

Sytch, who plans to make a fresh start in New Mexico, says she also used her time in prison to write an autobiography.

"OK , time to go type up my book.... there are 480 handwritten pages to work on! talk to you all through out the night!" she wrote on the social networking website, while adding that it will be "one hell of a read."

See photos of Tammy Sytch's post-prison look ->

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