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Tomko Caught Injecting Stolen Oxycodone In The Bathroom Of A Chili's Restaurant

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TMZ has more details on the arrest of Travis Tomko. According to the publication, the former WWE & TNA star was injecting himself with stolen pain medicine while hiding inside the bathroom of a local Chili's restaurant.

Tomko is accused of robbing a CVS/Pharmacy on October 10th where he allegedly threatened the pharmacist unless they handed over several bottles of Oxycodone. Tomko escaped with 210 tablets of the drug.

He then went to a nearby Chili's where he asked a waitress for a spoon. When the waitress brought him a teaspoon, he requested a "deeper spoon." Once he obtained it, he went in the men's rest room where he remained for 30-40 minutes.

When police arrived after receiving a tip, one officer claims Tomko had just flushed something down the toilet and had needle marks and blood running down his arm.

Police say Tomko admitted to injecting 178 pills that he crushed up and melted down but he says he never threatened the pharmacist. Tomko was treated at a hospital before being held at a nearby jail where he is currently being held on $7,500 bond.

Tomko apparently admitted to police he has a severe drug problem

Click here for full coverage by TMZ.

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Patrick Peralta for sending us the link.

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