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Tommy Dreamer Discusses Hardships Living On The Road; Politics In The Wrestling Business

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Josh Stewart has an article online here on where he talks to Tommy Dreamer. Below is an excerpt:

Hardships living on the road:

“I used to want a life where I could go out and live like a rock star,” he says. “Then you get to the point where you’re in hotel room crying looking at their pictures in your wallet.”

Politics in the wrestling business:

“There’s politics in everything, I get it,” Dreamer says. “But wrestling is unlike baseball, football. In those sports, you can be outspoken against a team, but if you score a touchdown, you’re fine. They might trade you, but you’ll still get the most out of it. Look at Dwight Howard, the guy can back up what he says. In wrestling, that’s not the case.

Click here to read the article in its entirety.

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