Tyrus On Being Cut From Wrestlemania, Role in GLOW Series


The performer currently known as Tyrus and formerly known as Brodus Clay was recently interviewed by WrestleList and spoke about a number of topics including when he was cut from Wrestlemania 29:

"Probably the biggest thing for me was my Wrestlemania match getting cut; I don’t think I ever really mentally recovered from that. So that for me was a very draining and disappointing situation. Although I have had some great moment in the WWE and Wrestlemania, I never had my moment in the ring, so for me mentally it was a lot. To work so hard and finally get your match – if you do great in that match usually it springboards you up, and not to get that opportunity was tough for me. After that to say I had an attitude problem is an understatement, which is on me, I didn’t handle it well."

Tyrus also mentioned the new Netflix wrestling series GLOW in which he appears alongside fellow wrestler Carlito.

"It’s funny, Carlito is my brother, we are part of a wrestling family for one of the Glow girls, and our father is a legend. He doesn’t want his daughter wrestling, we touch on that whole thing where ‘it’s good enough for the boys but you deserve better’, so that’s the dynamic. I am kind of a goofball, and Carlito is a goofball and we have great hair, our hair is always amazing. I made a joke on the set that our houses aren’t great and our car is terrible, but man we’ve got great hair. It was a lot of fun and it was great to see Carlito again. We actually do a match and the joke is on us as in movies and TV there is different camera angles, so we literally had to wrestle each other 20 times. I had to catch him a bunch of times for different takes, at one point I was like “Man this is a rib, this is a joke on us” because when you have to do the same cross body from the top rope 15 times is not a great feeling."


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