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Vampiro Vents On Unknown Status Of Lucha Underground

Lucha Underground

Vampiro took to Facebook on Thursday to vent frustration about the unknown status of Lucha Underground. His post is included below:

I need to vent

And I hope that the people involved in deciding what's next for Lucha underground read this
I have said many times in my career , that with out fans , you ain't shit.

Yes, there are big names attached to Lucha underground
There are a lot of very very cool people behind the scenes , many of who I consider friends for life, some , I owe so much to for letting vampiro live again

And, there are some people, talent , who f*cking suck as human beings , maybe they are important for this business, I don't know, but as human beings, I can't name names, cause it won't do nothing but cause a rift...

But I will say it, you suck

I am sure there are people who are sick of me,and just don't like me
I get that, and, I do don't give a f*ck


Together, we are LUCHA underground.

The major players who are deciding if we go in or not
You got billions of dollars between you

But you can't buy fans , who have become family, like are brothers and sisters, world wide who are part of Lucha underground
Notice I did not say support

I said part of.

Really, with the LU fans

This is just another wrestling show.

Yeah, we bust are ass, and there are cool ass stories and all that
But , who made us legit are the people who watch the show, who LOOK for the show, who are on social media 24/7 pumping the show hard core, pimping it out at every turn

I mean, there are f*cking ninjas and ninjetts in Brazil, Italy , England , Russia, Canada, etc
Yeah, everywhere who read everything , look all over YouTube


I even see insidious promotions copying
us .... Outta respect and loved
I say it all day

This was made for the people buy legit cool motherf*ckers
And now, the people are saying wtf??? Where you at?!
We are waiting......

People change

We asked for love, we got mad mad mad love

Now, we are leaving to many people hanging for to long
We are hot, LU is the shit

But you f*ck around to much , and sooner or later
People forget about you
Look at justin bieber
Hey, he was the

f*cked around
Yeah he is back
But it's not the same .
Make the deal, let's get this shit going....
The world wants us

I keep hearing
LU is looking for another network etc
Shit..... We might be hot and great
But this is TV

Land.... Who's got the biggest dick... No one is gonna come to us.... You gotta go and let these people know we are here!!!!!!!!
Sorry.... It's just hard to put so much heart and soul into something and not fight for it
I really hope that we come back soon

Because I can't front

LU has made me feel like living again
Like I have a family , a home
And I miss my brothers and sisters
To the powers that be!

We will go to war for you, give us what we need to succeed for you , let us fight this fight we will win, and at the end of the day, that means you win, brother.

It is what it is

One love

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