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WNW Premium Fantasy Booking: The Miz Becomes WWE Champion At Royal Rumble

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Let's be very clear, I believe this is the least likely scenario and would be very surprised if this were to actually happen. Let's run through a scenario where Miz becomes the WWE Champion at the Royal Rumble. There are two viable scenario's I see where this can happen. The first being Sheamus turns on Drew after a successful title defense and setting up the aforementioned Sheamus vs. Drew feud without the title. 

The Miz could successfully retain the championship inside the Elimination Chamber however the potential options for Royal Rumble winner that could challenge him at WrestleMania is much larger than the prior two options. First and foremost it's an easy way to give Keith Lee the title at WrestleMania as he would clearly be cheered over the loud mouth Miz.

Lee could win the Royal Rumble, have a big match with someone at Elimination Chamber, maybe a tag match with he and Riddle against Miz and Morrison? Then you could have him walk out of WrestleMania with the championship and again you would have Drew on the other side of the massive event with a logical reason on why he should be number one contender.

Another name I've brought up a few times is John Cena, the same John Cena that The Miz defeated in the main event of WrestleMania some years ago for the same WWE Championship. Cena reclaiming that loss to Miz and breaking Ric Flair's record all in the same effort could make for a story Vince does not want to pass up. 

When looking for a changing of the guard for Raw and how we could end up bumping ratings in the process would be having Edge win the Rumble and challenge Miz at WrestleMania. If Vince and Bruce believe that the reason that ratings are low is due to the champion, moving the title to Edge via The Miz could make for a easy scenario with marquee status. The Miz would make this feud work really well on the microphone and could give us a WWE Title win at WrestleMania for Edge. 

Finally, an outside the box name that would be very interesting to us "hardcore" fans would be Daniel Bryan. Bryan winning the Rumble and forgoing a matchup with Roman Reigns on Smackdown to finally dispose of the Miz and put a nail into the coffin of their feud would be absolutely poetic. The problem with this match is it may not scream marquee match as some of the others have, in which you may need to have a very strong Women's Title match to headline night one of WrestleMania. 

With Bryan you could have it where Raw has to trade a Superstar to Smackdown in return for Bryan and you could move any of the above names and add them to the list of people gunning for Roman Reigns. Once again thank you for becoming a premium member and reading this exclusive fantasy booking of The Miz becoming WWE Champion at Royal Rumble. 

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