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Wrestling Legend Visits Phillies Training Camp

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Hogan Phillies

On Friday, the Philadelphia Phillies were surprised to receive a visit from WWE legend Hulk Hogan. He talked a bit about his love of baseball and how it was cut short due to injury:

“I played full-time baseball until my final year of high school. I pitched and played third base,” Hogan said before the Phillies hosted the Pittsburgh Pirates in a spring training game on Friday. “I broke my arm playing third base. It was the best thing that ever happened to me because I segued into wrestling. I was a huge wrestling fan, too. Once my arm wasn’t what it was, I was chasing the wrestling dream around and it finally happened but baseball was the first love.”

He signed lots of autographs for fans but turned down a reporter's request to arm wrestle, stating "every time I do that, I get beat."

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