Overused Catch Phrases, Shawn Michaels At Wrestlemania XXVIII, WWE's Commitment To Khali, The Rock Bringing Out The Best In Cena?, Orton vs. Kane

What are your feelings on overused catch phrases? When Hulk Hogan turned heel in the 90s he dropped and really hasn't used the whole "say your prayers eat your vitamins" phrase, with The Rock returning his old catch phrases don't seem to have that "wait for it" moment, instead it seems like he's just saying it to get it over with? Do you think The Rock should have returned with a newer updated phrase?

It really comes down to personal preference as to what you can label as an overused catch phrase. I have been pretty high up on The Rock's mic work since returning but I did grow tired of the DeGeneration X catch phrases towards the end of their last run and have been over the "what" chants that Steve Austin draws for years. As for Rock coming to WWE with a newer updated phrase - he did - Boots to Asses.

What is the point in having a special guest referee in the Hell in a Cell match between The Undertaker and Triple H? After all, there are practically no rules.

WWE wanted to add a new element to an old match, which is why Shawn Michaels is the special guest referee of The Undertaker vs. Triple H. Regardless of how much Michaels has to "referee," his involvement adds another element of intrigue to the bout.

Is WWE's sudden interest in The Great Khali based solely on TNA's recent success with Ring Ka King in India?

Vince McMahon is high up on The Great Khali because of his international appeal in India. He also feels Khali's look is very marketable and regardless of his in-ring work, his extraordinary size makes him an attraction. I don't know how much Ring Ka King has played into WWE pushing Khali as they pushed him before TNA ever expanded into the country. There were plans in WWE to expand further into India towards the end of last year and at the time, re-signing Khali was considered a top priority. When Vince McMahon cooled on the expansion plans, Khali became an afterthought and there was a point where he almost left over a dispute involving dates. A new deal was obviously worked out and WWE continues to push Khali for the aforementioned reasons.

Wouldn't you agree The Rock does an excellent job in refreshing the Cena character? I've been one of the biggest Cena haters for years but I find him to be so entertaining now that he's dropped that over the top PG gimmick. This could really go somewhere.

John Cena's latest promo work with The Rock has been some of his best promo work in years. I don't know if it's The Rock bringing out the best in Cena or if it's WWE giving him freer reign in terms of the PG initiative. Whatever the case, I agree Cena's work has been refreshing and is of no comparison to some of the stuff he did with Kane which fell flat for more often than not.

Is it safe to assume Randy Orton's Wrestlemania XXVIII opponent will be Kane?

It's pretty safe to say the plan is to do Randy Orton vs. Kane at Wrestlemania XXVIII. I find this interesting because there was talk about turning Mark Henry babyface and programming him with Kane for Wrestlemania. Remember it was Henry that originally wrote Kane off television. Henry was vehemently against the proposed babyface turn and it seems WWE has abandoned his massive push.

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  • @RatedMKD

    "What is the point in having a special guest referee in the Hell in a Cell match between The Undertaker and Triple H? After all, there are practically no rules."

    Someone has to be there to count the pinfall/submission, and making that individual someone with a vested interest in the outcome adds another level of intrigue. Besides, this isn't the first HIAC match to feature a special guest referee. Bad Blood 2004 saw Mick Foley officiate the Triple H/Kevin Nash bout over the World Heavyweight Title.

    • shopkins

      It can also be, at least in the case of the match mentioned above, due to the "highly dangerous" nature of the match. Remember that Foley came back as a special guest referee because no other referees wanted to officiate the match. Tim White even suffered what ended up being a career ending shoulder injury during his involvement in the Triple H/Jericho Hell in a Cell match. That could be brought up as a reason (although there have been many other HiaC matches since then with regular referees, so it doesn't really hold much water).

      • @RatedMKD

        Agreed. That said though, Lesnar vs Taker in HIAC took place in between Tim White's injury and the bout that Foley refereed, so it didn't hold a great deal of water back then either!

    • Bryant24

      It was actually bad blood 2003 that mick foley refereed the triple h vs Kevin nash hell in a cell match the 2004 bad blood hell in a cell match was triple h vs Shawn michaels

      • @RatedMKD

        Typo, my bad! Thanks for the correction mate!

  • JP_Killings

    I prefer Cenas promos atm compared to the Rocks for a couple of reasons the Rock has to swear to get a pop and act like a high school kid and Cena you can tell is putting 100% into each promo, even though I do love the Rock he is getting out done and I'm not even a Cena fan. Plus They do need the Money in the Bank for Wrestlemania so it gives some performers a chance to get some experience to perform on the biggest show of the year for example R-truth, Miz, Dolph, and the hopefully returning RVD.

    • QTR

      It wasn’t Bad Blood 2004. That was when HHH fought HBK for over an hour in the cell, and the world title match was Benoit vs Kane. It was ’03.

      • @RatedMKD

        HHH/HBK in 2004 wasn't over an hour, closer to about 45 minutes, but you're bang on otherwise!

  • Dan

    I struggle to understand how people don’t understand Shawn Michaels’ involvement in the match. It’s quite obvious why he is there.

  • Tony

    I feel Cena has really upped his game on the mic, also has anybody noticed a difference in his reception from the crowd? They seem to be less hostile and more for him?

  • Ronan

    @dan,why is he there.?

    • Dan

      He faced the undertaker twice and failed twice. Same with triple h. He has been on raw twice to get himself involved in the story line. Why would they not involve him to add more big names to the card.

  • sami

    my opinion on Kane and Orton is that although it was Henry that took him out… Kane stated on his last video promo that he was going to test his "Humanity" on Randy orton the same night before henry took him out? perhaps he wants to test out "the monster" on the same guy?

  • Dojo

    Is it just me or could the hbk ref angle be a bit of red herring & it gets turned into a triple threat……….. With ‘taker beating both!!!! Would be an AMAZING end to the deadmans career 20-0………. Or it could set mania 29 up for the triple threat or a hx3/hbk match up!!!!!!

    • loren

      Who says hx3? doesn’t hhh work just the same?

      • Nighthawk

        It’s just so much more difficult to type hx3 than hhh

    • Dojojo

      I really dont think HBK is going to come out of retirement, it actually seems like it means something to him that WrestleMania 26 against Taker was his last match…I personally think its best that way, besides HBK is in no shape to be wrestling

      • Marcus Johnson III

        I’m thinking cena vs undertaker or sheamus vs undertaker

  • Jim

    The Rock has really been a let down for me thus far. As I predicted he’s still using the same old schtick he always has. Then him writing his lines on his arm was ridiculous. Doubt he does that on his movie sets. Or maybe he does. Would explain why they are all so bad. This return has been a huge disappointment for me thus far, and is starting to negatively effect the Rock’s character IMO. About the only positive I’m seeing is that this has made Cena way more interesting, and its also showing me and everyone else just how good he can be. All the while Rocky is rambling on about some ridiculous attempt at insulting Cena. Kung-pow chicken? He has to be kidding us. Because if that’s the best he’s got, I’m starting to regret him even coming back.

    • Josh

      Are you kidding me???? You along with all the other Rock haters and Cena lovers are marks!!! The Rock couldn't have said it any better!! We are tired of Cena being shoved down our throats!! I used to love Cena but when he became Super Cena and abandoned the Dr. of Thuganomics gimmick it was pretty much a done deal for the love and coolness of the Cena character!!!

    • Cena reactions on monday night should be an indication to you that rock is putting him over. He did a whole promo bout this being everything yet he didn't held a straight face once during the promo and then he went jumping in the crowd screaming like he won something. Rock keeps a straight face every time he is in the ring with cena, which is strange considering rock should be the cocky one with the millions behind him. These promos are half planned and half improvised. Blurring between reality and fake, here's a good example of it. Rock vs Cena on the mic for real will never be this one sided, you can bet your life on that.

      • CalledIt

        My money is still on a Cena Heel turn…Actually its what i'm hoping for but look at it this way, John Cena is actually starting to look good and he's getting over with a lot of people who didnt like him before. Also WWE Loves to create drama and mess with everyones emotions, what would be better than Cena turning just as the fans are beginning to get behind him again! Hopefully The Rock didnt come back to steal the spot light and is actually doing what he was brought in to do…Bring the Cena Character to life!!!

        • Alex

          If cena turns heel, then he is gonna get the people booing him to start cheering and the people cheering so he technically stay a babyface..think about it

  • Angel

    So Kane comes back to put over cena(understandable). Now randy orton (100# chance randy is beating him) then probably punk maybe then Sheamus. Loving the new monster Kane…more like the cookie monster

  • @jblack424

    Thoughts on all. Hbk is there to create a thought he might help hhh. I honestly hope hbk screwing hhh and setting up a wm 29 final battle match.

    I think rocks trying to elevate cena. Passing torch for them is the face and I feel trash talking face. Cena is not just getting rocks torch of wrestling stature but on promos too. Either way cenas growth has benefited both rock and cenas match as well as wwe. I personally want rock to win but cena is most likely to win.

    Orton vs kane I hope is non dq. I feel this is a stacked card . I also say no mitb most likely all will be in gm match.

  • Ron

    Hey Richard,

    Do you have to be a premium account to ask questions on WNW?


    • wnwdotcom2

      No. Open to all.

  • Dojo

    Sorry about the hx3…….. Was trying to mix things up & I think Hunters gimmick could do with a tweak 😉 LoL

  • John

    “there was talk about turning Mark Henry babyface and programming him with Kane.
    Wrestlemania. Remember it was Henry that originally wrote Kane off television. Henry was vehemently against the proposed babyface turn and it seems WWE has abandoned his massive push.”

    “I don’t know if it’s The Rock bringing out the best in Cena or if it’s WWE giving him freer reign in terms of the PG initiative.”

    I wanted to feature these two quotes from Richard to point out a very cold hard fact. This year marks 10 years that Cena has been in the wwe’s main roster while for Mark Henry its 16 years! For the past 8 years Cena has been WWE’s puppet if you will. They say jump and Cena says how high? In other words, they turn Cena into to huge promotional machine and it works out well then they change the direction of the company and the poster boy changes right along with them. The over the top pg character we see is WWE’s version of Cena and not the real Cena. The real Cena seems to emerge when The Rock is around which is a good thing. Then there’s Henry, he’s not exactly a great wrestler but then again wrestling in wwe is secondary these days but what Henry is, is a great story teller! I was absolutely thrilled with his push last year! He made the mOst of it and got my vote for a second run as world champ! I think most ppl will agree that Henry is a much better heel than he is a babyface. So because Henry did not agree with the change they go and cut his push completely.

    The moral of the story is…If you wanna
    Make it in wwe you gotto be a kiss ass brown nosing yes man like John Cena. Unless you pull a CM Punk and have yourself become indispensable for the company!

    • Marcus Johnson III

      Well said

  • Willie

    Can u say “Supakick” to HHH @ Wrestlmania

    • Billkmc

      I think supakick to the taker is more likely. The match becomes a handicap but taker somehow wins against the odds. The biggest win(against two legends) of the streak. a perfect way to retire if that’s what the taker chooses to do.

  • Chuck

    Don't forget the Rock's other new catch phrase "Trending Now On Twitter".

  • tylor

    I agree with the comments made about hbk screwing hhh. hhh said he didnt want to see undertaker in the way he left him last year, he prefers to see him as the dominant phenom. I think hbk will superkick hhh costing him the match and say he did it because he didnt want to see the undertaker that way as well, beginning another year long build up to hbk v hhh at WM29