Paige Talks About Being 'Pie-Faced' By Rude Fan

At the recent Money in the Bank event, Paige was leaving the building when a fan stuck his hand in her car window, pie-faced her (pushing her face forward) and told her to "lose some weight." Fans surrounding her were up in arms over the incident and though Paige remained calm, she recently addressed it on the Regular Girls podcast with Renee Young:

"Everytime I fly to Chicago there's always like thousands of fans anyway, they're all diehard fans which is great, but you always get one d------d, right? So while I'm tagging people's hands he comes along to like shove his hand in the car to like pie-face me. So, everyone who seen it, it was like slow motion and he put it on the end of my nose and I'm like, 'what the f--k?'

Paige explained why she felt she had to remain calm in the moment:

"Because if I blow up right now it's definitely gonna be on the internet and it's gonna be Paige being the bad guy. So I was like, 'alight I'm gonna relax.' I texted Mark Carrano because obviously he's our boss and I was like, 'this is what happened out here, just to let you know.' I was really upset about it because you know you can never make everyone. You're either too skinny or too fat. And you know how you get angry tears? It was like angry tears like grrr."

  • Poor Paige

    Poor girl, what must it have been like to get hit in the face with white cream? When she was wrestling, I think WWE really missed an opportunity with her for merchandise. WWE does a great job with shirts, figures, etc, but I had an idea I wish they would use: WWE licensed bikes. They could put the wrestler’s likeness, symbols, and catchphrases on the bike. Like for Paige it could have been black and purples, maybe had pentacles on it. The bike would have to be sturdy, built to fit any rider. Maybe it could have two seats so two people could enjoy it at once. Maybe it could convert from two wheels to one, or even three, so that it could be ridden in a number of different ways. You could share it with co-workers, friends; anyone in the city, even strangers. A Paige community bicycle.

    • Nox Stephanos

      You’re an idiot

      • Poor Paige

        More creative than you. So what does that say about you?