Paul Bearer Dead At 58

Shares 405 is saddened to report that William Moody, known in the wrestling industry as Paul Bearer, passed away late Tuesday night at the age of 58. WWE released the following announcement:

WWE is saddened to learn of the passing of William Moody, aka Paul Bearer. Moody made his WWE debut in 1991 as the manager of The Undertaker and went on to become a memorable part of WWE over the course of the next 20 years.

Our deepest condolences go out to Moody’s family, friends and fans.

We offer our deepest condolences as well, and will continue to provide more information on Moody's death as it becomes available.

  • Jason

    Rest in Peace

  • Man, I’ll never forget him. Over the past few years we’ve developed an emailing relationship. I knew him from when he’d come here in Detroit and we just connected and I can’t say we were friends, but I always appreciated talking to him. Very sad to hear this news. RIP

  • Joey

    So sad. One of my all time favorite managers as a kid, and every interview I’ve seen he came off as such a kind, genuine, unexpectedly funny man. Rest in Peace, Paul. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your loved ones. You are sure loved by the wrestling community.

  • frenchfry

    man thats terrible, i loved him

  • Patrick

    That is sad news indeed. RIP Paul Bear you will be missed

  • John Palley

    Sad news. Paul was an integral part of my wrestling childhood. He will be missed.

  • tim

    Wow I was shocked and deeply saddened to read this. Paul Bearer there will never be another like you. RIP. You will be greatly missed.

  • I think WWE might do an angle that The Phenom would “avenge” Paul’s death…or could fall to CM Punk as Paul died and so did the Undertaker. But rest assured, WWE will use this in the storyline for WM29

    • Dustyn

      I don’t think they’ll use his death in a storyline. They will for sure acknowledge it on air with a tribute video. If he’s not inducted into the HOF this year, I guarantee he would be next year.

      • Jason

        i have to disagree. since WWE used the death of Eddie Guerrero in a storyline involving vickie/chavo/rey mysterio/etc if they are willing to do that than they can be capable of using anything.

        • Don’t forget they used Jerry Lawlers heart attack as a storyline.

    • tim

      WWE will def not use this as part of a storyline in my opinion. RIP Paul

      • I hope they induct him into the hall of fame. It is more than deserved. However as VKM has proven in the past, nothing is off limits for an angle…especially for WM.

  • Dustyn

    Oh man, sad, sad news. I had to look twice at the posting, I was shocked. He was my favourite manager of all time. I had the chance to see him live several years ago, as well as talk with him on twitter on a couple occasions. Rest In Peace Paul.

  • Jim

    *in Paul bearer voice* ohhhhhh nooooooooo!!!!!!

    • Lrgetrout9

      Heh, that’s exactly how I broke the news to my friend, who is a huge Undertaker mark.

      • Matt

        Tell us how to disrespect you the day you die as well, yea?

        • Luke

          Gotta look on the bright side of everything imo

  • Lrgetrout9

    Some people would consider the “icon” of the attitude era to be The Rock, or Austin, or many of the other performers.

    Paul Bearer transcended them all to me. He was as much a part of “The Undertaker” character as Undertaker himself.

    We’ll miss you Paul Bearer.

    • So very true. /say Rise my Undertaker *holds urn up*

  • Michael

    R.i.p Paul Bearer you will be missed. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family greatest manager in the 90’s bar none.

  • Streamz

    Surprised no one’s cracked a ‘Rest In Peace’ joke yet.

  • Yung

    RIP Paul, really hope they do a Paul Bearer tribute consisting of old Take and Kane matches in his honor.

  • soulfool

    Rest In Peace William Moody aka Paul Bearer and Percy Pringle in that vast graveyard of Professional Wrestling !!! An Iconic Manager along side Jimmy Hart , Bobby The Brain Heenan , Paul Heyman , Jim Cornette , et al !!!

  • soulfool

    That’s Fucked up , Dude’s…He was the same age as Hugo Chavez , Dictator of Venezuela , who also died yesterday !!!

    • H.M.

      Search up the term ‘coincidence’ in a dictionary.

  • soulfool

    Just hope WWE don’t add this into the whole Undertaker/Punk fued , and use it in a mock sort of way like they did w/ Eddie Guerrero’s death !!!

  • RIP…..

  • H.M.

    Wow, completely shocked by this. Had to read this several times to get this straight.

  • -|AZ|-

    R.I.P Paul Bearer…

    The man used to give me chills as a child, when he was The Undertaker’s manager…

    You will be greatly missed Paul and as Trip rightly quoted “There was one, there won’t be another…”


  • I read Paul Bearer is dead then I was like whaaat, I clicked then I was like wooah.

  • So sad that this happened before Undertaker went into the Hall of Fame

  • Michael

    Easy top ten greatest managers of all time. 1. Bobby Heenan 2.Jimmy Hart 3. Jj Dillon 4. Paul Bearer 5.Classy Freddie 6.Sherri 7.Mr. Fuji 8.Jim Cornette 9. Heyman 10.Slick. I was even hoping that he would be in Takers corner to keep an eye on Heyman. I remember first seeing Paul managing Rick Roode I said to myself at the time that this guys good I had no idea what was to come. When they replaced Brother Love with Paul I remember saying he fits better. Adding Paul took the deadman gimmick to another level. He added that final piece that was missing to the puzzle. Now unlike most of the other managers Paul wasn’t in shape but he still did as much if not more in the ring as the others. I remember when Paul turned on Taker and aligned himself with Foley that was very shocking. Then to bring Kane in and end up as his father. The guy was a legend and deserved to have been inducted into the hof while still alive. I hope that next year he’s inducted by Taker. Here’s to Paul Bearer one of a kind a true legend and icon in this business you will be forever dearly missed.

  • Snap

    This is very sad news. I consider Paul Bearer to be among the names of Bobby Heenan, Jimmy Hart and Mr. Fuji, among others whom I don’t intend any disrespect for not naming, as one of the best managers in the business. I think it’s safe to say that whether you loved his character or hated it, you were always entertained whenever he was involved and he will be greatly missed.

    He should have been inducted into the Hall of Fame years ago, but I understand why WWE was likely waiting until Undertaker retired in order to induct them at the same time. Nevertheless, he already is and will always be a Hall of Famer in my eyes,

    • BlazeKing

      Now Taker will induct Paul Bearer into the HOF and hopefully Kane will induct Taker. Then have Taker rise up again *just* to induct Kane into the HOF when it’s his time.

      That in my opinion is the only way to end the tale of the whole story family. I expect nothing short of it because it has to be a grand finale mixed with relevance to the whole storyline of the characters.

  • Bruce in Minneapolis Minnesota

    Mr. Moody, I will miss You…so often the greatest promos are not with the spoken word, but with facial expressions…He was a master at this and I Thank You my Friend for entertaining me going way back to Percy Pringle in WCCW…ohhhhh yesssss