Petition Made To Combat YouTube's "Inappropriate Content" Flag Against Pro Wrestling

For those unaware, YouTube has recently enacted a new algorithm in their system that makes it so that all pro wrestling content is seen as "non-advertiser friendly." This is especially harmful to promotions like What Culture Pro Wrestling, who base a lot of their revenue off their YouTube tapings of their weekly Loaded show. In fact, WCPW had to cancel one of their recent tapings because of this new ruling.

There is currently a petition on though as it describes the new ruling as treating pro wrestling on the same level of "hate speech." These changes have also made it hard for people to even search for pro wrestling as YouTube has launched a "restricted mode" feature designed to protect users from inappropriate content.

The big example on the petition to show how much this hurts wrestling is by pointing out that WCPW recently posted a free match featuring Rey Mysterio vs. Alberto El Patron that got over 1 million viewers but only made $43 in ad revenue.

You can sign the petition right here.


  • Vomkrieg

    Of course, a lot of hate speech won’t be flagged as hate speech, but Pro-wrestling will get targeted.

  • Robert

    Two things.
    #1. To treat pro-wrestling as if it’s offensive is total nonsense. How is it any more offensive than MMA or boxing? Is anything else getting the same treatment?
    #2. Define hate speech. And tell me who has the right to define it.