Photos Of Brock Lesnar With Chael Sonnen, Kevin Harvick & Josh Reddick At NASCAR Race

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Brock Lesnar was at Sunday's NASCAR Spring Cup race at the Phoenix International Raceway in Arizona. Below are photos of him that were Tweeted out:

Chael Sonnen, Brock Lesnar & Kevin Harvick:

Josh Reddick & Brock Lesnar:

  • jwing

    I havent really heard either way on this

    Is Lesnar a nice guy in real life?

    • Michael

      I heard he was. But who knows. He seems like he would be quite around people.

    • Matt

      I’ve met him before and know many others who have and nothing but nice things. He’s super humble and just one of those electric personalities. Complete reverse from what we see on screen. He’s a big softy!

    • John

      It’s extremely rare to actually meet Lesnar these days.. He lives a very private life.

  • Dixie Carter

    Any possibility that they’re using Brock to reach out to Punk via Chael?

  • 1molly23

    Photo op!

  • Tom Lee

    Brock is cool, none of wwe wrestler can really fight with him