Piper's Pit Set To Open This Week's Raw SuperShow

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The official WWE website has announced that this week's Raw SuperShow will open with Piper's Pit, hosted by Rowdy Roddy Piper. Piper's guest for the show will be John Cena.

Click here to view the announcement.

  • LoganWalk

    Just Sent in a Email about this

  • MIKE

    hi why did wwf rlesaese piper

    • Brett

      I don't think piper ever worked for the world wildlife fund…

  • sean atkins

    hope there's no re-writes.

  • H.M.

    I have a feeling this will be interesting. My gut tells me it MIGHT just be about Piper talking about the fan reaction Cena gets and how this may begin the build for a slow but transitional heel turn for Cena.

    Again this is me living in my idealistic world.

    • aGirl

      Yeah, you stay there and keep on dreaming 🙂

  • LukeT

    I smell a heel turn

    • vmagic

      You probably say that a lot of Cena!

      • LukeT

        Let me rephrase, I hope I smell a heel turn

  • spikeywestphal

    a cena heel turn is one off them things until it happens it's just all talk

  • Chris Lloyd

    They will attempt to make Cena bad untill Wrestlemania, when he will beat the Rock. They will hope the crowd reacts the same way Rock/Hogan a few years back. Cena won't bitch to the audiance like other bad guys he'll just wrestle in a way that will make him bad i.e. probably get a few DQ's and more notably bitch slap piper tonight.

  • Big Show

    Every performer eventually becomes a heel. It is good for business, and even better for the longevity of a wrestling characters career!!!!

  • Danno

    I hope Piper sticks around for awhile