Who Played The Announcers In The Wee-LC Match, Twitter Reaction From Extreme Rules Kickoff

El Torito beat Hornswoggle in a Wee-LC Match on the Extreme Rules Kickoff. The company brought in midget announcers, a midget referee and a midget ring announcer. Los Matadores was with Torito and 3MB with Hornswoggle.

The announcers went by Jerry Smaller, Micro Cole and JBElf. They did a great job of bantering with the real announcers, who had some funny ribs on one another.

Jerry Smaller was played by Short Sleeve Sampson, Micro Cole was played by Shovelhead Chuck and JBElf was played by Robbie Araujo.

Below are my reactions from Twitter:

Richard Reacts: The Extreme Rules Kickoff was a lot of fun. I know there were many that went into this critical but midgets are very much a part of the wrestling business's history. Further, El Torito is a very talented performer and quite frankly, I would like to see him work more often.

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  • thepowerserge

    Never thought I’d say it, but I would love to see Jerry Smaller, Micro Cole and JBElf on WWE TV once in a while to lighten the mood.

  • Ken

    I’ve been critical of midget wrestlers and personally called the Hornswoggle/El Torito feud the worst of the year by far. But then came Jerry Smaller, Micro Cole and JBElf.

    I hate this feud but with those names, I just can’t help but laugh.

  • Matt Kunka

    I was definitely one of those critical that this would be offensive but it’s nice to see it turn out so well. Hopefully, it will help the negative stereotypes and start a new trend!

  • Scott Davies

    Awesome match it was