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Exclusive Interview: Chris Sabin Talks War of the Worlds, Super Juniors Tournament

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Chris Sabin

Our very own Thomas Fenton caught up with Chris Sabin as he talked about his upcoming appearances for ROH War of the Worlds as well as the upcoming Super Juniors tournament for New Japan.

Michigan native and ROH star Chris Sabin returns home Saturday for Ring Of Honor War of the Worlds in Royal Oak.

In one of the biggest events of the year for Ring of Honor, they will be headed to the Royal Oak Music Theater for their annual War of the Worlds Tour. Chris Sabin has played a huge role on-and-off screen with Ring of Honor over the last 16 years. A graduate of Pinckney High School, Chris trained to be a professional wrestler in 2000 beginning at Great Lakes wrestling school and finished training at Can-Am wrestling school just over the border in Windsor, Ontario. Sabin made his pro debut just a few short months after training and has been a full-time pro wrestler ever since that time.

Chris Sabin is currently one half of the Motor City Machine Guns with Livonia, Michigan native Alex Shelley. Sabin and Shelley have teamed on and off since 2004 and this Saturday in Royal Oak for War of The Worlds may be one of the last times you will see the two of them teaming up together. As a team, the Motor City Machine Guns helped usher in a new style and era in tag team wrestling with great chemistry, excellent tag team maneuvers and a fast-paced style. One of the teams that Sabin and Shelley have faced the most over the course of their careers have been Matt and Nick Jackson collectively known as The Young Bucks.

Sabin had mentioned the following when I asked him if he thought he had wrestled The Young Bucks nearly 200 times.

"It's really hard to put a number on it, I don't think you are far off. From the second we met, we had instant chemistry working with each other and I always look forward to it."

This Saturday The Motor City Machine Gunz will be faceing the Young Bucks and Roppongi 3K in a triple threat tag team match. While facing The Young Bucks will be nothing new for Sabin, he and Shelley have not had the opportunity to wrestle Roppongi 3K as of yet in their careers and Sabin had this to say in regards to the match this Saturday:

"This is about the best match that I could ask for. Especially for a hometown match. We did not have a chance to wrestle Roppongi 3K when they were here before as the Tempora Boys so I am looking forward to the opportunity to do so."

The War of The Worlds shows are featuring stars from New Japan Pro Wrestling as well as Ring of Honor. When asked about the international flair of the show and how fans will react, Sabin stated the following:

"It changes the atmosphere for the better for the fans. It gives them a chance to see guys they don't always see," Sabin said. "When the locker room senses that, they adapt to it and they know the fans are looking to see some great wrestling."

Chris and I also discussed how much Ring of Honor has grown as a company over the last 12 years. I sponsored events for ROH in 2006 from the Michigan State Fairgrounds for the weekend of Supercard of Honor. When you compare that to this years Supercard of Honor in New Orleans a few weeks back, it's an incredible difference.

"You were fortunate enough as I was to see the company grow over the last 12 years and see what it has become."

For those not familiar, Ring of Honor continues to grow its passionate fanbase from all over the world as well as filling their venues they are performing in to accommodate the in-demand tickets for their events. A few weeks ago, Ring of Honor sold out the Uno Lakefront Arena in New Orleans for Super Card of Honor XII with a capacity of 6,000 (and coming from yours truly who was actually on-hand at the venue - if the capacity held 8,000 seats, they would have sold those tickets as well). This is the first time Ring of Honor will be holding an event from The Royal Oak Music Theater. For Ring of Honor, this is a venue that I think fans will truly enjoy with tiered seating that provides much better sight lines for all the non-stop action.

After this weekend's War of The Worlds shows, Chris Sabin will be headed to Japan for New Japan Pro Wrestling Best of The Super Juniors Tournament: a 3-week tournament that tests you not only mentally but phsyically as well. Most wrestlers will work 9-10 times over that time period.

"Yes, grind is the right word and not just a physical grind but a mental grind as well. Last time I have been to Japan was in 2016 and before that 2010 so I look forward to working in front of the Japanese fans and their culture and learning some new things. You never stop learning and have to continue to get better. It's a big challenge. It's a chance to have a new beginning in my career. I'm only 36 and yes, I have been wrestling for 18 years but I'm just getting into my own and still have a lot to give years and years into the future."

At the time of this publication, the show is completely sold out. However, if you are looking to attend the event and still do not have tickets, you can always check with the box office the day of the event to see if more seats have opened up.

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