Here is the Lance Archer interview from The Chris Van Vliet Show.  He talked about a number of different topics including signing with AEW, being managed by Jake "The Snake" Roberts, his time in WWE, wrestling at WrestleMania, how he came up with the nickname "The Murderhawk Monster", the meaning behind "Everybody Dies" and much more!

How he came up with the nickname "The Murderhawk Monster":

"So last year when the G1 happened it was one of those situations where I took it upon myself, I was like 'This is a big opportunity'. Initially I wasn't even in the G1 for that year, they were starting in Dallas, I was going to be on that show and then I was included into the G1. I had been part of a great tag team, KES, Killer Elite Squad for many years and this was my first real coming out part as a singles wrestler in New Japan since before Davey Boy Smith Jr. had joined New Japan back in 2012 and KES had just gotten started. I just did everything I could to change every part of me that was known to the wrestling world and the G1 was such a huge platform. We were going to be live on AXS TV in the United States of America so it was just one of those situations where I was like I am going to change everything. The initial hair was not the braid, it was more of a crazy poofed up Mohawk thing and we started calling it this crazy Mohawk and this and that and I was like, 'It's not a Mohawk, it's a Murderhawk' and then it morphed into the Murderhawk Monster. Everybody's had their 'monster' monikers in professional wrestling world throughout history but I just thought it was fun to say; Murderhawk Monster."-Lance Archer

Being in a match at WrestleMania 26:

"I could be sour; I could be bitter about my time there but what good does that do me to help me move forward in wrestling or life of whatever? And that was a cool moment to be able to lace up the boots and walk down the ramp and get in the ring at a WrestleMania. It was the preshow battle royal that they would do pretty much every year. I remember Tyler Reks was a good buddy of mine at the time and he was right behind me when we were walking down the ramp and it was one of those moments, I think they said there was 72,000 people at Mania that year in Arizona and there was probably 30,000 or 40,000 in the building at that point because everybody's still filtering in or whatnot while we're doing this battle royal. I just remember they were playing the generic music as all the different wrestlers head down to the ring. It was a huge, huge, long ramp and it was one of those cool moments where I looked back at Reks and I was like 'Bro, can you believe this?' and he's like 'No, this is too damn cool'."

The Full Interview between Chris Van Vliet & Lance Archer can be found here:

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