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Former WWE, Impact and ROH star, Mike Bennett recently sat down with the It’s My Wrestling Podcast to talk about his time in WWE, Who helped with his addition, ROH and so much more.

Below you can checkout the full YouTube interview: 

Here are some interesting quotes from the interview:

The people in WWE who helped him during his addiction:

When I give them credit, I'm giving credit to people like road dogg who would come up to me and check on me. I'm giving credit to guys like Billy Kidman who would come up and check on me or goldust who would come up and talk to me. The boys. The boys always looked out for me. And that's when I say yes, WWE helped me. They did the guys in the company helped me and I will still say this, and people will try to manipulate my words all the time. I'm very thankful I wasn't fired because I wanted to work at the company at that time. And so like, the fact that they didn't fire me for being a drug addict, went a long way with me now

Clearing the air on if he went to rehab or not:

So no they never, they never paid for rehab because I try to explain to people I never I never went to rehab. I told my wife that I had a drug problem. And she took all my stuff. She took my keys, my cell phone, my wallet, and I was basically on lockdown in my house. When I first came clean to her we were actually in Universal Studios on vacation, Universal Resort so it was it was a beautiful rehab centre that I did stay at! But I never went to rehab because I didn't need it. I was able to find other avenues of keeping myself clean.

The Maria emasculation storylines in WWE being bad TV, Blurred lines in wrestling:

If you had asked me as a fan do I think this is good television? I would have told you no. I don't think the storyline itself was creative. I think it was kind of stupid and lazy and like just trying to get a reaction for getting a reaction. As a performer. I think a lot of people think I was offended by it or hurt personally. And as a performer, I could care less because at the end of the day, I'm playing a role on television. My analogy is always if Brad Pitt takes the role of a serial killer, people don't believe he's actually a serial killer. No, he's saying I was assigned a role that I agreed to do, and I'm going to play a serial killer. That's what you do as a wrestler. The difference is is for some reason, we have these Blurred Lines of pretend and reality in wrestling, where it's like, me and my wife are playing characters. Yes, we're really married. But at the end of the day, when they say cut, we're both laughing about what we're doing.

Does he wish he went to WWE without Maria, thoughts on people saying she got him the job:

Me and Maria, they wanted the package deal. They liked the idea of me and Maria, that was what we've done in ring of honour, we did it impact. That's kind of what we were, we were macho man and Elizabeth. I'm not saying we were as good, I'm just saying they were a package deal. We were a package deal. That's what it is. But I always find it funny that people like that they think like oh, he's only there because of Maria. Because all these conversations when they go down, they can very easily just take my wife and not take me we've never once went to a company and said it's the package deal or it's nothing. They used to say that about New Japan they used to say oh, he's only in New Japan because they really want Maria. If they really wanted Maria or they really just wanted Cole or Taven they could have just brought Maria and Cole over or Maria and Taven or just Maria. They never had to bring me over. All the conversations were no we want the both of you.

Does he wish he went to NXT first, lots of praise for Triple H:

Yeah, I think, you know, I think it's a fair question because at the time, there was only like a handful of us that had skipped NXT. Like, it was me. And Maria, it was AJ, it was The Good Brothers. There wasn't a tonne of us and a lot of guys who are just as talented as me, if not more talented than me, we're going to NXT so like, it's a fair question to ask. But again, it's one of those things where it was entirely out of my hands and hindsight is always 20/20. I loved working for Triple H. I think he understands wrestling. I think he has his finger on the pulse of what's popular in wrestling. I think he understands where it's going more than anyone else in WWE. So I think I would personally have loved learning under him and you know, have him teach me and because all the guys that end up leaving, they're like Cole and Gargano and Tommaso who talk about it there. They say the best part was learning from Triple H learning from Shawn, having him guide the ship. So I think I would love that and I think it would have been great.

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