Looking for a new wrestling podcast for your weekly entertainment? 

Look no further than The Queens' Takeover!

The Texas Sports Queen Kat, the Carolina Boss Lady Kayla, and the Resident Jester Jolie bring you their weekly takes on the latest from inside the squared circle. Although they are primary WWE and NXT fans, they also dabble with AEW and other wrestling promotions! Just because they are women, don’t think that they won’t knock you out with their opinions! If you push them too far, you’ll end up as a target for the Jester when she holds court!

Click here to check out our recent episode with special guest Sebastian from the Smacked Raw Podcast and “Friend of the Show” KC Carlyle! We tackle our predictions for Backlash, Drake Maverick's new WWE life, and the women's tag team division with Sasha and Bayley as champs.

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Jolie – @JesterJT1

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