On this edition of Putting You Over; I got to talk to the owner of Synergy Pro Wrestling, Colin West. We talked about this love for wrestling, how he became owner of Synergy, how he does it for the fans and #PromoMaster. Sit back, relax & Enjoy. Synergy Pro Wrestling a wrestling promotion based out of New Jersey is hosting an event where all proceeds will go to three wrestling schools, New England Pro Wrestling Academy, H2O Wrestling Center in New Jersey, and the Absolute Intense Wrestling (AIW) School in Ohio. The event is called "PromoMaster" where 12 wrestlers will go head to head in a promo battle to entertain you, the fans. You will be able to donate to this event and have the ability to choose matchups or even sponsor a battle.

DONATE to the Schools: #PromoMaster

You can learn more about Synergy Pro Wrestling at: https://www.twitter.com/SynergyWrestle

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