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Recently WWE Hall of Famer, The Godfather chatted with It’s My Wrestling Podcast about a multitude of things. They talked about his WWE Career, The Rock, Wrestler’s Court and more. 

Below you can checkout the full YouTube interview:

Here are some interesting quotes from the interview:

Working with a young The Rock, what he was like backstage. Fun story about Rock not wanting to be around cannabis:

He is a really good guy. I always say that if anybody was going to have that type of success, it couldn't happen to a better guy he's a really solid person. He was great to work with. He had to get out of the car with me but other than that. Great, great guy, great guy.

I hung out with more me and Undertaker. We had a group called BSK. We kind of hung out together so I didn't really hang out with those guys at nighttime, Rock and D Lo and Mark Henry, they were younger they kind of did their thing. Ron Simmons and I, we hung out in strip clubs, and those guys didn't really like the strip clubs. The rock told me one day that he couldn't ride with me no more. I jumped in with Ron and John - The Acolytes - and so you know I spent a lot of time with those guys. I smoke a lot of cannabis and always have. And I've never hidden that fact and it was nice to be on TV letting people know, and of course I would get in the car the first thing I would do is I'd spark up a joint. The Rock would do a lot of interviews and appearances, and he'd show up there like "we didn't know you smoke weed" he goes, "I don't smoke weed". You said that last time we saw you but every time we see you smell like weed! He's like Godfather, I can't ride with you!

Did he know how important Nation of Domination was at the time culturally?

You know, when we were doing it we were just having fun, we really aren't militants we're really not like that. When they put us together, it was you know, just a group of guys doing our thing. Of course, we took care of one another. We watched each other's back. We tried to help everybody. We even tried to help Ahmed Johnson, you know, but he's the only one that didn't want to listen. I had no idea that The Rock was going to become as big as he became out of that. And I had no idea of the significance, the importance of that group, until later on in life because we were just doing our thing and having fun.

Did he see The Nation as being racially motivated? Owen Hart joining:

It wasn't about race. It just ended up being five black guys but it wasn't about race, the original nation only had one or two black guys in it. Crush was never in it when I was in it. To this day I love Owen Hart to death, God rest his soul, but I still don't know how Owen ended up in the Nation. It was never explained and we didn't really care because we all liked Owen. We never took it that way, we never took it that way, we weren't in the back of the locker room like that, you know.

Will Undertaker return to wrestling?

He doesn't need the money, he definitely don't need it believe me. I don't think you will (see him back) when he called me and told me, he says big dog I'm done. He goes I'm done now I'm finally done. And he's never called me and told me that, you know. He's told me I'm trying to get out, Vince won't let me go, keeps throwing big numbers at me to wrestle once a year, but I'm pretty sure he's done, I think physically he's done and mentally he's done.

Hating Right To Censor and The Goodfather:

If it was up to Vince, I would still be out there doing my thing. He used to just walk down the hall saying pimping ain't easy. Vince Vince fought for me forever, but at that point they became public, he was answering to a lot of people, they were transitioning to the PG era, they weren't only after me, they were after Val Venus they were after the puppies, they were after everything. It got to the point that I couldn't be on Saturday mornings I couldn't be on Sunday mornings I couldn't be on till after nine o'clock. I couldn't say roll the fatty, I couldn't call the girls hoes, it got so crazy that Vince came to me goes heu let's poke fun at this group that's we're messing with.

I got called into the office and he said Godfather, change your plans, we're gonna put you in the RTC and you're gonna have a match and you're gonna lose and you're gonna end up in the right to sensor. We're gonna call you goodfather. So I don't I don't have hoes no more? And he said something else and again I said you're telling me I don't have my hoes? Wrestling was always fun, wrestling was always my second job, I've always owned a strip club in Las Vegas so I had money coming in. I mean I made good money in the WWE WWF but that's not why I was there I was there to have fun. Back then there was no Internet, there was no social media. So we were allowed to get out there at night and have a lot of fun. So it was fun for me, when it was not fun for me I would leave, and that's why you see me leave and coming back as I would. I love looking at naked women every day I make good money. But that's why you'd see me come and go, it was about fun for me.

So when they took me in as the goodfather, it wasn't fun no more. So right away I was like, Dude, I'm out of here. I think Taker went to Vince and said I'm getting ready to leave, and all of a sudden they drop the belts on me and I had loyalty, I'm not going to run out with the belts. As soon as they got those belts off of us then I finished that because I really I wasn't having fun. , and it was all about fun to me. I hated that character because I am the Godfather. I'm myself, the same person every day. And so it's just hard and it wasn't fun.

Owen Harts death, their friendship:

I never saw what happened. He was to come out first. And then I was going to come out with the girls. So on his entrance I was hyping up the girls. I think it might have been Bruce Prichard or somebody was sitting at the gorilla I don't remember, but I just remember them saying, Owen fell. I'm like, Owen fell? What do you mean? Then everything unfolded. I didn't see him until they roll him to the back. I don't even like to think about it, great guy. I hung out with him all day that day, we were talking about the match he practised whatever he was doing. It's a shame that the world lost such a great talent, such a great person, dude. Let me tell you, I mean everybody knows about his ribs and all that stuff, but Owen was one of the most decent people, When I went to Japan for the first time he showed me how to get around. He showed me how to order food, get to the gym. When I went to Germany for seven months, he showed me how to get to the gym, and order food, some of the lingo. Just a great guy man, great guy. It's a shame he's gone.

Why BSK didn't use politics like The Kliq did:

That's not what we were about, we were friends and hung out together. And that's what it was, we all tried to help each other's careers. I'm friends with everybody in the Kliq, we had no problems with the Kliq. You know, if it went down, I'm sure that BSK would have ran through the Kliq pretty easily, but we didn't have that problem and you know they had their thing we had ours. As far as I know they didn't mess with us, you know. Plus we had Yokozuna we had a lot of people in our group, but I had no animosity or anything towards them.

Taking DLo Brown to Wrestlers Court:

I took DLo to court because we were in Chicago his hometown. I've always smoked cannabis, but I would not travel with it. I would not get on a plane with it because I didn't want to embarrass the WWE, so I never travelled with it I would get it when I got to the town. So DLo tells me big dog don't worry about it, I got you covered when you get to Chicago my boys are going to give you the finest grade bud you can ever find so don't worry about it. We get there late and stuff we get to our rooms like at 10 o'clock at night, and DLo shows up with this - I can't even, I don't even think it was marijuana. I don't know what it was like weeds. I'm like are you joking me and he's like my guy didn't come through so this is all I could find. In the meantime, I've told all my connections I got them covered, so I took him to court for this misrepresentation of the word chronic and giving me that swaggy woodie crap that he gave me. Just before it went to court, we settled out of court. He knew Taker was gonna come down hard on him so we settled out of court.

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