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On the latest episode of the Top of the Cage podcast Justin "Juice" Lucciano and Billy Yameen interviewed independent wrestler Bobby Orlando. Many topics were discussed in this interview including Create A Pro wrestling school and Bobby's recent appearance on Frogger a new Peacock TV obstacle course show streaming now! 

Below is the link to the episodes anchor page which has all platforms for listening including Apple Podcasts and Spotify! Below are also social medias of all parties involved in this interview as well as Wrestling News World's twitter!

Anchor Link to episode:

Anchor Link to podcast website:

Justin's Twitter: @juicecannon1

Billy's Twitter: @WhatDoYameenTV

Bobby Orlando socials: Twitter: @TheBobbyOrlando

                                         Instagram: thebobbyorlando

Top of The Cage Socials: Twitter TOTC_Pod

                                            Instagram totc_pod

Wrestling News World Twitter: @wnwnews

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