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On the latest episode of the Top of the Cage podcast Bill and Juice interviewed former WWE Superstar and former NWA wrestler Jazz! It was an honor to talk to her. She works so hard and has contributed so much to wrestling over her career. She created so many opportunities for so many wrestlers. In this interview she talks her very long NWA Women's title reign, her recent time on the Jericho Cruise and her wrestling school and promotion Dogg Pound always with 2 G's! Link is below to the anchor page and link but the anchor also has Spotify, Apple Podcasts and other podcast platforms as well!

Anchor Link to podcast episode:

Anchor Link to podcast website:

Justin's Twitter: @juicecannon1

Billy's Twitter: @WhatDoYameenTV

Jazz Twitter: @Phenom_Jazz

Instagram: phenom_jazz

Top of The Cage Socials: Twitter TOTC_Pod

Instagram totc_pod

Wrestling News World Twitter: @wnwnews

Next Episode releases Friday and is an interview with referee Kevin Quinn who works for Northeast Wrestling, Chaotic Wrestling, Beyond Wrestling and Limitless Wrestling! He has so many great stories including a run in with Vader so definitely listen to that episode!

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