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On the latest episode of Top of the Cage Billy and Juice interviewed professional wrestling referee Kevin Quinn who you can see officiate in such promotions like Beyond Wrestling on IWTV, Chaotic Wrestling, Limitless Wrestling, and Northeast Wrestling! He was a blast to have on and has doing this for a very long time and has so many stories. He has officiated two matches between Cody Rhodes and Kurt Angle of their three indie matchups and he has even taken a Vader Bomb from Vader himself! Below is the episode link on anchor but we are also on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and many other platforms!

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Justin's Twitter: @juicecannon1

Billy's Twitter: @WhatDoYameenTV

Kevin's Twitter: @RefQuinn

Instagram: refquinn

Top of The Cage Socials: Twitter TOTC_Pod

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Wrestling News World Twitter: @wnwnews

Stay tuned for more! Our next episode releases Monday and it is not an interview but is a fun listen! We talk if AEW should add a 6 man tag title, if underdog storylines are overdone, the WWE Releases, and much more! Next Friday we will have another interview and it will be with indie wrestler and actor Mike Verna!

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