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Women in Wrestling Interview Series

Those Wrestling Girls interviews women who work in the wrestling industry from around the world!

For March, Women’s History and Empowerment Month we released a series of interviews with women who are in wrestling.

Here is more information:

WHO: Women in all facets of wrestling: photographers, influencers, podcasters, wrestlers, and managers, etc.

WHAT: a series of interviews with women in wrestling. Meant to provide a platform for women to share their experiences working and living in a male dominated world.

WHERE: The interviews will be published on Patreon and promoted via Social Media and LinkedIn channels.

WHEN: these interviews were recorded in October and November 2019. And will be released during Women’s Empowerment Month: March 2020.

WHY: Wrestling is a male-dominated world. But us women are right there in it too! And we wanted to hear from them and also give them a space to share their experiences.]

HOW: Recorded via Zoom, and marketed via social media with background information and fun facts

Check out all interviews on Those Wrestling Girls Patreon!


Stephanie, influencer & Becky Lynch Hypewoman

Based in Arizona, she has been a fan of Becky Lynch for years. She has lived in 4 different countries and wrestling has been with her always.

Ami Moregore, wrestling photographer

Based in D.C., been a photographer since 2015. She travels across the Northeast to photograph shows.

Phoenix, podcaster

Wrestling podcaster who does it all! Based in the DMV area, she is the diversity needed in the content creator space!

Queen N.E., podcaster & influencer

Popular podcaster, based in the New England area. She also love performing in musical theater.

Sondra, Inside the Ropes show

Co Host on popular channel Inside the Ropes! Based in Grand Rapids, MI and a huge superman fan!

The Canadian Queen Kimberly Ford, wrestler, and manager

a wrestler and wrestler manager. Known as the ‘Canadian Queen’ . Based in Calgary Alberta Canada. She is also an artist.

Amy Bernardino, Cohost of Smart Wrestling Fan podcast

Amy is the co-host of Smart Wrestling Fan. The longest-running wrestling podcast out there! She is an inspiration for women in many ways. Based in Los Angeles, California.

We want to thank Amy, Stephanie, Ami, Sondra, the Queen of N.E., Canadian Queen Kimberley Ford, and Phoenix for being a part of it!

Check out all interviews on Those Wrestling Girls Patreon!

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