Possible Changes Made To Order Of Wrestlemania Lineup

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We have received word that there may be a major change to Wrestlemania's lineup. The matches are remaining the same but the order of those matches is the item that is being discussed right now. While it seemed like we would originally get Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg for the Universal Championship in the final slot, it now appears more likely that Roman Reigns and the Undertaker will close the show.

Stay tuned for live updates from our correspondent Thomas Fenton as he makes his way to Orlando to report on this weekend's festivities.


  • Dustin Lee Aiello-Coons

    Makes sense to have them close the show. Because WWE knows that when taker puts Roman over then the crowd will turn and they will lose the show.

    • Vomkrieg

      also, another minute long main event was looking likely with goldberg vs lesnar

    • Meanie40

      It’s absolutely the right decision, but it’s very dangerous to leave that “taste” in people’s mouths as their last impression of the show.

      • Dustin Lee Aiello-Coons

        Raw on Monday should be very imteresting.

        • Scott

          surely depends on the manner they put him over?
          cleaning dominating performance… by all means bad move.
          Roman goes all heel for the win… yeah… do it.

  • Sean Flick

    More than anything it could be Takers last Mania and if that’s the case then he should absolutely be closing out the show regardless of your opinion towards Reigns

    • Dustin Lee Aiello-Coons

      I don’t have a problem with Reigns. I’m speaking on the WWE universe overall. I like reigns and feel he gets alot of hare for no reason. I just know that him beating taker is going to sour the crowd.

  • Phillip Combs

    If this is truly Undertaker’s last WrestleMania, especially if it also ends up being his last match period, then there is no doubt it should close the show. I mean Shawn Michaels, who is one of my 2 all time favorites may be Mr WrestleMania, but Undertaker is the most Iconic performer in WrestleMania history and if this is his last one and he’s going out on his back then he deserves to close out the show with a standing ovation.

  • Robert

    I’m a believer that the winner of the RR should have their championship match last except in unusual circumstances. If this is officially Undertaker’s last match, it would qualify as the unusual exception and should go last. Otherwise, Orton/Wyatt should be last.