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- While we do not have the exact figures, we're told TNA Wrestling's offer to Chris Hero (f/k/a Kassius Ohno) was better than what Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards received. According to a source, Richards had burned enough bridges and didn't have a lot of leverage. The deal ended up being the best for Edwards as well since there wasn't interest in him without his tag team partner, regardless of having a different reputation in many circles. Another reason TNA extended offers to The American Wolves is they know their tag division is sparse and they were looking for some good talent that wouldn't be too expensive. The company reached out to The Young Bucks but they were believed to have been offered less than what Richards and Edwards ultimately agreed on. At this point they aren't expected back.

- The only serious offer the Carter family had to purchase controlling interest of TNA Wrestling was the group financed by country music singer Toby Keith. TNA's deal with Spike TV is up in the fall and obviously if they would fail to get a new agreement, it would be a situation like what happened with WCW and the value of the company would plummet. There's a very interesting tie-in to all of this as the wheels are in motion for a potential new promotion involving Jeff Jarrett and Toby Keith. That project has a lot of money behind it and they're believed to be interested in the Spike TV contract. A wild card in this is Eric Bischoff, who was well liked by the Spike TV executives, but is on his way out of TNA. It's unknown at this point how this will impact negotiations.

- This week's episode of Impact Wrestling, the second part of TNA Genesis 2014, did an average viewing audience of 1,555,000 viewers on Spike TV. This was the best viewership the show has garnered since the January 31, 2013 episode. You can see how the competition stacked up on cable at this link.

- TNA Wrestling's contract with Spike TV is up in October 2014. There are a couple things of note here. First, the new WWE TV deal will go into effect in October 2014, meaning Spike TV (or Viacom to be more specific) could theoretically be a suitor for the WWE deal if they do not agree to a new deal with NBC Universal by February 14, 2014. In fact, the belief in TV circles is WWE has already reached out to or met with representatives from Viacom. There is a lot of nervousness within TNA about their deal. The feeling from many is they don't have a lot of leverage in negotiations and the loss of Eric Bischoff is seen as problematic, given his good relationship with the network. There's also a feeling the promotion being started by Jeff Jarrett and Toby Keith is interested in the contract.

- TNA's immediate problem about having nowhere to tape TVs has been solved for the short-term. Fresh off the news that Universal Studios has reportedly become a part of WWE's negotiations for a new domestic TV deal with NBC Universal, they announced late Friday they're returning to the theme park for several new dates. The return is scheduled for an "Impact Live" event on March 13th followed by Impact tapings on March 14th and March 15th. They'll return in April for an "Impact Live" event on April 10th followed by Impact tapings on April 11th and April 12th. On April 26th, TNA will hold a One Night Only taping followed by a "Pay-Per-View" event on April 27th and Impact tapings on April 28th and April 29th. They'll return in May for Impact tapings on May 7th, May 8th and May 9th.

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