Proof That WWE Is Expecting CM Punk Back For WWE Payback Next Month

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We reported exclusively here on Premium on May 9, 2013 that WWE wants CM Punk to return for WWE Payback next month. We were told he was in "no rush" to come back and preferred a return closer to SummerSlam.

The June 2013 issue of WWE Magazine provides proof that WWE expects their former 434-day champion and straight-edge superstar back for the show.

In a two page spread looking at payouts, payoffs and paychecks in anticipation for WWE Payback, Punk is featured on the right of the feature. The following is written:

Punk's Best Chicago Moments
- No one else has made the most of a hometown crowd than CM Punk. WWE Payback hails from Chi-Town, and if the moments below are any indication, it's going to be another big night for him.

The following Chicago moments are mentioned:

1. Extreme Rules 2012 (CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho)
2. Money in the Bank 2011 (CM Punk vs. John Cena)
3. Raw-January 19,2009
4. Wrestlemania 22

Punk "walked out" of WWE on the April 15th episode of WWE Raw, writing him off television for a company approved hiatus. He's been away, re-charging his batteries and healing various nagging injuries.

WWE Payback will take place Sunday, June 16, 2013 from the Allstate Arena in Chicago, Illinois. We'll have exclusive live play-by-play coverage here at

  • i don’t know if you realize this, but wwe magazine is written months in advance. they’d have even less of an idea of his return plans.

    • Yes I realize this. I don’t think you realize what this story says. We are not reporting CM Punk is returning at WWE Payback next month. We are reporting WWE wants him back for the show. This blurb from WWE Magazine confirms that story.

      • Kenneth

        We realise what the story says. I’m not too sure that you do, Richard, no insult intended.

        It confirms that the WWE expected Punk to be part of the Payback show back when the article was written, however long ago that was. It does nothing at all to confirm that they still expect him back as of the time of publication.

        The WWE may well expect/hope for Punk to be back by Payback as the article indicates.

        They also might have revised their expectations and simply not updated the magazine article copy they’d sent to the publishers.

        Or it may have been too late for the WWE to have changed the article by the time they’d changed their minds (if they did).

        Or they might have changed their expectations and chosen not to update the article in order to preserve some small sense of kayfabe.

        Or they may have forgotten the article altogether (wouldn’t be the first time the WWE’s left hand didn’t know what its right hand was doing).

        The article confirms nothing to confirm the WWE’s expectations about Punk’s return date. It indicates their expectations at the time of writing, yes, but it doesn’t confirm anything that’s occurred beyond that time.

  • There’s something here that no one is talking about and it’s very important. WWE Payback is on June 16th. WWE Summerslam is on August 18th. CM Punk is in “no rush” to come back and would prefer to return closer to Summerslam. That’s fine. However, where is Payback taking place? In Punk’s hometown of Chicago. If CM Punk really cared about the Chicago fans wouldn’t he jump at the chance to be apart of it? Do you think John Cena would “not rush” to come back if a PPV was in his hometown of Boston? Oh that’s right, he did come back from neck surgery (in September 08′) to wrestle at Survivor Series 2008 in his hometown of Boston. But that’s the thing, CM Punk doesn’t care about the fans. If he did he would be jumping at the chance to perform in front of his hometown faithful.

    • Ben

      Or you’re reading too much into a burnt-out, beat-up superstar not wanting to come back too soon because you hate him and want to take shots at him any chance you get. Great, Cena returned from an injury to perform in front of his hometown crowd… that proves what? Did he even return early to do so (which, by the way, would be pretty stupid as it would make him that much more susceptible to even more severe injuries)? Ignore the fact that Punk worked through various injuries in the months leading up to Wrestlemania, obviously he doesn’t care about the business or the fans! People complain about Punk’s ignorant and over-the-top fans but his haters are equally ridiculous.

      • Danny_Boy

        Nope it just proves that Cena doesn’t take extended time off for hang nail type injuries. Everybody on the roster works thru susceptible injuries or is in some way banged up. Apparently Punk isn’t tough enough too work banged up for any extended period of time like guys like Cena or most others on the roster.

        • Matt

          So your research. Punk worked through a fractured skull and has never taken a pain pull in his life. He’s barely had a day off since he debuted in 2006. I think that affords him a break. You haters are stupidly hypocritical. Refuse to let people rag on Cena but find Punj fair game? It’s pathetic. Get over it. Punk has fans and so does Cena.

      • TheBigKing1

        I agree

  • I take the WWE Mag like I do the website & all is Kayfabe & that story would have been made to remind fans who he is. Until he is back on TV. I am not holding my breath, plus I think the longer CM Punk is off TV at the moment the better for him. Summer Slam is a hotter period in time & would bennifit more then a return cause it’s his hometown. If he is to be a heel when he returns. Hometown return would be a bad move.