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I know a lot of people were very unhappy with the way the Royal Rumble went down. The only reason I'm unhappy is because in the end Stacy and I swapped our predictions, so I had Drew McIntyre and he had Sheamus, even though Sheamus was in my top three for the past month.

I enjoyed Punk versus Dolph, even though I was screaming at my laptop every time Laurinaitis screwed him over, but that's what they booked it that way. I was also annoyed by the way D-Bry won, but I can appreciate the creativity behind it and the willingness of Big Show to sit at the top of the cage. I was crushed with Drew came out and faced Funkasaurus. I loves me some Funkasaurus, even though he looked like a leprechaun with a glandular problem, because I really thought it would have been creative for Drew to win the Royal Rumble Match.

During the Royal Rumble Match there were some great moments, and a couple terrible moments. First off, I loved that Miz and Cody lasted as long as they did, but I didn't love that each person who came out to face Miz early on were terribly clichéd. I loved Foley in the match. Heck, I love Foley and most everyone who knows me (or reads my Blogs), knows that I find Foley to be one very sexy man. I can't help but almost always loving him, This Is Your Life and Orton spitting in his face not withstanding, so I loved him in this match. He and Santino were beautiful in their silliness. We all know that there's going to be some silly moments and they gave us that. Okay, Ricardo did it too, but he was wonderful in how he did it, so he gets huge props for self deprecation in my book. The worst thing in the Royal Rumble Match was that Kane wasn't in it. This would have been his 14th Royal Rumble Match in a row and he didn't have a chance to break HBK's record. I think it's a shame that he wasn't given the chance after so many silly entries – Cole to be specific. Honestly, I had Booker and King on my possible surprise entries list, but I didn't think both would be in.

The best part of the match for me, and for most it seems, was the end between Sheamus and Jericho. So many people were sure Jericho was going to win the match, for what he'd said when he finally broke his silence. Personally, I don't think he should have broken his silence, other than for the swerve. Their last moments in the ring were inspiring and what a Royal Rumble Match should be about. Also, Sheamus winning was great, but we will have to wait until this time next year to evaluate whether he took the push and ran with it, or if he fell flat like ADR.

I do have one more comment about the Royal Rumble Match. I'm thrilled to see Kia (Kharma) back. I was really worried that she might have been back too early, that something terrible might have happened. I asked Richard if he had any news, and at that point he didn't. Now knowing that she gave birth to a healthy baby boy, I'm more than thrilled for her.

Show Starts

In Ring Segment > B

Laurinaitis was his usual good in how bad he was. He's taken his own terrible personality and made it into a character that we all love to hate. Ho clue how much is really him and how much he's putting on, but he's doing well with it. Beyond that Punk carried this segment and sold it for me – as usual. D-Bry fell a little flat for me which sucks because I know he's good – and VEGAN. Sheamus was a bit overzealous, but he had every right to be as he just won the fricken Royal Rumble Match! Punk and his pipebomb is great, even if D-Bry did threaten to shove it where...

Orton vs Dolph > D+

I'm more than pissed off about this match! They put two of the best guys in the company in the ring together, then spent more time talking to Wade in a VIP box, split screen, then following the work in the ring. Orton and Dolph deserve a high B, or low A, but the way the whole thing was executed made Orton and Dolph look like classless idiots for bother to wrestle a match when Wade was talking. I'm very unimpressed. Further, I thought Dolph was made too look too weak for having been built up, pushed and then in a WWE Championship Match at a top four PPV. Who did Dolph piss off backstage?

Winner – Orton

Video > B+

Nice start to the WrestleMania promos. No awe inspiring or fantastic, but if they get better from here it will be a great Road to WM.

Backstage Segment > A!

There's reason why I love Regal and this segment is a big part of why. Conjoined identical twins locked up in the attic? Beautiful! Further, Laurinaitis no sold it in the way only he can.

Funkasaurus vs Tyler Reks > B

Again, another squash match for Funkasaurus while Reks didn't get his entrance on TV. I don't know what they're pushing Clay toward, but I know why they're doing it this way – I just don't have to like it. I don't like seeing guys with solid talent being stuck jobbing. Many people don't like Reks, but I do and have from when he was first called up. I think he has decent ring skills and an interesting look. Hopefully he'll get on RAW or Smackdown in a role other than jobbing. I also know people don't like Funkasaurus, but I'm on board with him too. Who was it in the Live Blog who called Clay's dancers the 'Claymates'? You need your props for that.

Winner – Funkasaurus

Backstage Segment > C+

Why did the WWE feel the need to push the lifestyles of these two down our throats as if no one knows what vegan and straight edge are. Please, be honest, who didn't know what these two lifestyles were about before Punk and D-Bry? I knew what both were before 'meeting' these guys on TV, but I have learned more about straight edge because of Punk. As I'm sitting here eating my cashew chicken and fish sandwich from BK (no lettuce), I can tell you I'm not vegan, or even vegetarian, but it's not for any other reason that I have so many foods I can't eat due to my health issues that I can't limit any caloric intake at this point.

I will say that talking about these two things brings to the forefront that some of these wrestlers are taking care of their bodies and it's not everyone who is racking up Wellness violations. Honestly, it's a very, very smart thing for the WWE to do at this point, and we all know that extensions of real life makes for better characters and storylines!

Champion vs Champion > A+

Who would have thought that Count Danielson and half of the Chick Magnets would be the World Heavyweight Championship and the WWE Champion, respectively? They're not the biggest guys, not always the most charismatic guys, but they are dang good in the ring. In the day and age of big guys, and actual wrestling skill meaning less than it has in a very long time, these two guys pushed through and became WWE Superstars. Not even just WWE Superstars, but the top of their brands with the biggest belts and (hopefully) decent respect. I was shocked when both of them came in, but not shocked when Punk was screwed over earlier in his WWE career. These are both guys who could have fallen through the cracks if not for their skills and strong personalities.

But beyond all that, this was a match we haven't seen in a very long time on WWE TV. These two guys not only left it all in the ring, they knew what they were doing, and know each other very well, while they did it. If it hadn't been obvious earlier in the match, when they both hit those cross-bodies, they proved how stiff they were working that match. That move about knocked the wind out of me! Yes, because they know each other so well and worked that match so hard, some things got a tiny bit sloppy, but it worked. Punk's hard hitting work, D-Bry's creativity in working certain body parts, they made this a match of the year candidate that was jammed into a post-PPV RAW. This was a WrestleMania worthy match and hopefully they will both have matches half this solid on the grandest stage of them all.

From the moment this match was announced, I knew it wouldn't have a clean finish. For me it was a given, so Jericho's involvement didn't bother me in the least. Okay, I wish I hadn't been so enthralled in the match that I automatically thought it would be Big Show who caused the DQ, but Jericho was even better. There were reasons I wanted Jericho to win the Royal Rumble Match – he's never won it, and I want to see him face Punk at WrestleMania for the strap. They were pushing Punk being the best wrestler in the world, setting up for Jericho and him to feud, and I'm loving it! They're both fabby on mic and in the ring, so their WrestleMania could be the match of the night for me, absolutely better wrestled than Rocky versus Cena! Yes, I got that from one little code breaker. Okay, that and the work both of these men have given us for so many years.

Winner – The Fans!

Video > B+

While I am not a fan of the celebrity 'wing' of the WWE Hall of Fame (even though it might be the only HOF Pete Rose gets into), I understand why they do this every year. I'm not a fan of Tyson, but he did do a lot within the WWE and he deserves props for that.

Kofi vs Miz > B

I loved R-Truth on announce. He was so comfortable on mic and stayed in character as if it was really who R-Truth is. Miz was also great on mic, but they have so much to do to build Miz back up again. Sadly, they didn't do that here. I'm thrilled Kofi won as I felt he was getting the short end of the stick due to Evan, but winning this match did a lot for me. I'm hoping the WWE is seeing Kofi as a valuable Superstars and push him a little more as I think it's time. I also have to remember that the WWE probably has a plan for Miz and I will have to hold on and wait for that to come to fruition as obviously R-Truth isn't done with him yet. I'm going to keep my toes crossed for all three of these guys, but also enjoy all their work while I'm doing so because they're all really strong men who really didn't have a chance after the previous match.

Winner – Kofi

Backstage Segment >B

I have to say it was fun watching Laurinaitis getting tweaked out at thinking Otunga is trying to steal his job. Shows the type of person he is, that he'd do it in Otunga's shoes.

Video > B+

I have already been told, by a friend who loves wrestling, that he was a bit put out by this video about Rocky as it was too long and took too much time from the actual show. To play devil's advocate, they are basing WrestleMania around Rocky and Cena, so they will be pushing both of them in a big way. Also, I'm sure part of Rocky's contract there's something about the WWE pushing the movies Rocky is starring in, so they're going to push that too. Personally, I thought it was a very well produced video and could have been much worse. I actually like that they did it in a big chunk and not pushed throughout the show. I know I'm normally one for shorter segments when they're not working the ring, but they got it out of the way and let us get back to the issue at hand – firing Laurinaitis! Okay, wishful thinking, but we should expect more of these on the Road to WM.

Video > C-

I really didn't like this and am not sure how I feel about this YouTube channel. I know a lot of companies have their own channels, and this is setting up for their network, but it just looks cheesy for me.

Divas Championship Match > C

Hear me out! Beth dominated, as she should, and it was over fast. For me, that's a good Divas match. So sad, but very true. I just hope that Kharma's return will breathe new life into the Division.

Winner – Beth

In Ring Segment > C+

Okay, first off, Kane on the tron putting the fear into Eve reminded me of the good old days. He never laid a hand on her, but the spice of worry was there and it felt like the Attitude Era that so many of us miss. I loved the fight between Cena and Kane, but it sure didn't look like Cena was 'embracing the hate' to me. He was all smiles, silly and corny, the same old Cena. I want to see the intense and edgy Cena that we've been missing for so long and has turned so many of the fans against him. I will keep hoping that Kane will get through to a new Cena as I don't think this is over.

In Ring Segment > B+

I'm going to split this into two parts as it was so long, too long for one grade. First off, Trip was hysterical! He has such great comedic timing and really played this to the nines. He was funny setting up Laurinaitis, but the way he ripped on Laurinaitis for Chapsticking up and getting down I was snorting with laughter. And then there was Laurinaitis who begged, grovelled and showed what a weasel he really is – no dishonor meant to Heenan. He sold it so well, but never showed an emotion on his face. The only tell he had was a couple time color crept up his neck and into his face, but otherwise he was plastic!
I am planning on going back to watch this segment to really get into the subtleties between the the two characters. Other than running a bit long, and not getting Laurinaitis' bum future endeavored, this was great acting running off a darn fine script. The only reason it didn't get a higher grade was because of what followed.

In Ring Segment > A

Taker is a master in that ring. He doesn't have to be wrestling, he doesn't even have to be speaking, he conveys more in a single glance than most of the younger guys understand. I'm not saying the new group coming up isn't learning, this past year a number of the guys – Sheamus, Dolph and Cody – have taken huge steps with that. Orton and Christian stepped up their visual game this year as well, but none have that it factor that Taker's had for so many years. Kane has it in a different way as he could only work with his eyes for so many years, but he's on par with his 'brother' and deserved the mention here. Taker seemed to have it almost from word go as the Taker character and has only gotten better with age. Speaking of age... I think Taker looked really old in this segment. I know he's not that fresh faced Deadman who came in at Survivor Series in 1990, but he's wearing (almost) forty-seven pretty hard on his face. I know it's been a year since we've seen him and he has that deeply lined face, but he looks a bit worn out. As much as I love Taker, after WrestleMania, I will have no trouble living in the past to get my Taker fix.

I haven't spoken to anyone about the end of this segment as I didn't want to be swayed by anyone. I'm thinking some people are sure we're going to see Taker versus Trip at WrestleMania after that segment. On the other hand, I'm thinking others are sure that Trip chickened out and they won't be facing off at WrestleMania. And then maybe others might be thinking that Taker will have to force Trip's hand to face off on April 1st. Honestly, I thought this was wonderful and left a lot of questions in our minds. Both men worked the segment hard, without a word. Last year at this time people were ticked off about Taker and Trip not saying a word in the ring, I loved it as they play the subtleties so well. I don't see that Trip should be going to WrestleMania with Taker after the physical issues he's been dealing with. I think it would be bad for everyone involved, including the fans, if Trip, or anyone, went into WrestleMania to face Taker without being 100%. I think that would be a kick in the teeth to Taker as a man, as wrestler, as the Phenom and as the Deadman we all know and love. The other thing that sits on my heart is I don't want Taker's last for WrestleMania's to be DX. Trip and HBK were and are some of the best, but it's getting monotonous. In my heart of hearts, I want to see Taker face Kane to round out his twenty. To me it just feels right, but only time will tell.

Post Show

I was blown away with certain parts of this RAW, others left me flat. The show started slow, but reached it's height with the Champ vs Champ match. I've been wanting a feud between these two and that was just a taste. Not saying I'm not salivating at Jericho versus Punk and Sheamus versus D-Bry, just that this is sitting in the back of my brain, just waiting. The show lulled, then was brought right back up to that high point at the end with Taker's return. So many questions put out there, but will we like the answers?

I will be tackling Taker's streak in a series of articles, the way I did with the Royal Rumble. If there's anything you want, please let me know. While I enjoy learning and writing about these things, I'm doing it for everyone, not just me. Talk to me, tell me what interests you and where you'd like me to take some of these articles.


  • @jblack424

    Great writing. I said earlier wrestling was at its low which left impression wwe was and that’s not what I meant. Tna and roh not competing makes it bad. I don’t want taker vs kane orton hhh big show or henry its been seen. The big question is would a less proven guy gain or lose momentum after a loss. No one knows its all opinions and believe. I do want to state one thing though about raw I didn’t get to say. Punk and bryan without a winner still best match seen in a lil bit where I was hooked. Also I think Hhh and taker segment was great as it was played well but me as a fan became worried like last second of a game and player makes bone head play. I hope game sticks to his first instinct. I’m rooting for a foley taker hell in cell 2 now after foleys wife swap. Could be more foleys goodbye as taker can destroy foley one last time. I can name 10 names on contract that excites me to face taker. Also kofi is great and will be nice to find out what he has in store. Also I know back in wcw I waited to watch goldberg crush some one but they should give brodus vs ejack or someone and give him a non squash match. Just to show he can carry or hang in a decent minute match.

  • scotts

    seems trip is calling taker been there done that, have other things i'm worried about.

  • keagan

    I Hope Bryan does not lose the World Heavy weight champion soon. I would miss his YES!! YES!! YES!! chant in the beginning of his matches.

  • sforester

    I already had my piece on the Royal Rumble, so I'll no longer discuss LOL

    Let's get on to the decent and the shameful:

    5. Kofi Kingston becoming relevant. When Evan Bourne returns, the smart thing would be turning him heel to jump Kofi for daring to go after the WWE title and leaving him behind. I've seen Evan's heel work (under his real name) and if D-Bry can pull it, so can Bourne.
    4. William Regal: This man has a future at the commentary table, preferably on Smackdown so Booker can go away.
    3. Beth dominating Eve: About time the Glamazon does her thing! Beth vs. Kia, sans Natalya. Make it happen at Wrestlemania, WWE!
    2. Punk-Daniel Bryan: Johnny Ace was wrong on the count that I) there's never been a WWE champ vs. WHC champ match and II) that this was the first time that Punk and D-Bry have faced off. I strongly suggest to everyone reading to go on your favorite video site and look up old matches between these two!
    1. Taker-Trips III is well set-up. There is only one match that would be appropriate…. HELL IN A CELL. Hear me out here… HIAC was built especially as a Taker specialty, and since then, Trips has become the master of HIAC. What better way to finish this rivalry off than in the original demonic structure?

    5. The Trips-Laurinaitis KMA segment part: This is WWE PG. While it can afford to be a little edgier, I'd rather not see HHH baring his arse or even talking about it! Besides that though, it was hilarious.
    4. Orton vs Dolph: Not the match… whoever had the bright idea to focus on Wade Barrett instead of the match should be beaten with a cat o' nine tails and then thrown back first into a lemon juice bath. That was WCW's treatment of the cruiserweights (easily their best feature) all over again!
    3. Laurinaitis didn't get fired. I was just waiting for it to happen, but I guess we'll have to wait for it huh?
    2. Brodus Clay: Until WWE either puts the Funkasaurus into a serious feud or drops this dancing BS, he will continue to be either number 1 or number 2 on my show review's shameful list. I have tried to give him a chance, but when he's squashing guys that should be in the solid midcard or even lower main-event (McIntyre, Reks, Regal), it's time for WWE to set the big man's direction as he has far too much potential to be wasted.
    1. Jericho interfering in the Punk-Bryan match. With rivals like Punk and Danielson in the ring, a DQ finish is painful to watch.

    • H.M.

      I marked out when Jericho interfered. I would be pretty mad if it were anyone else…say Big Show. But this is Chris Jericho and it looks like the seeds for a Punk/Y2J feud have FINALLY been planted!

      A clean finish would only have made one of the champions look week. The booking was brilliant and it keeps D-Bry on his 'winning streak' lol.

  • Patrick_Peralta

    Raw was good

    the Daniel Bryan/CM Punk match was great untill Jericho got involved.. Up untill then I was enjoying the match and loved how they had the best match on RAW.

    Big Van is right look up Bryan and Punk's matches in the indys like ROH and else where. where they have faced off in matches before WWE who likes to pretend they never meet before. ( I hate when they do that )

    William Regal Should be an Announcer and replace Cole on Smackdown for Good. That way I can turn the sound back on. Right now I only briefly turn it on when Bryan is talking and Cole keeps his mouth shut during that time.

    I do hope they let Beth start a winning streak for a showdown between Beth and Kharma. it doesn't make her look good if she is loseing to Kelly Kelly , EVE or any other Diva like Natayla has been doing lately.

    I'm glad Undertaker is back but I don't want another Undertaker/HHH match. but it seems they will do it again and it sucks. I didn't watch last year and I won't watch this year.

    while I'm Glad Undertaker returned I wish WWE had waited untill HHH fired Laurinaitis .

  • Jbreed

    Well I guess we could put our minds at ease. All the talk of putting the belt on John Cena going into WM 28 with the belt can finally be put to rest since Cena wasn't announced for the title match at EC .

    Randy Orton/Dolph Ziggler: What we saw here is what usually happens in the WWE when a guy (in this case Ziggler) who is on the cusp of a major push gets thrown to the dogs (in this case Orton). They need guys like Ziggler and The Miz to be relevant going into WM 28. As far as The Miz goes, I understand Kofi Kingston needed the win if he's gonna be a contender for the title at EC, but The Miz has been on a downward spiral for some time now. Well, we're used to this kind of booking by now.

    I'm not a fan of slow moving angles but I thought Chris Jericho's attack on CM Punk was a little premature. There were betters ways to get the ball rolling on the Jericho/Punk feud instead of Jericho just deciding to attack Punk in a match for no real reason other than to get Punk's attention.

    Let's just hope there's more to this year's match between The Undertaker and Triple H than last year's match. Last year the match was sold with just a staredown, cut-throat sign and crocthchop, followed by a bunch of the same old back and forth promos. I wasn't intrigued last year and I definitely won't care about Undertaker/Triple H this year if there's no angle to back the match up. I was actually hoping The Undertaker's return on Monday night would lead to a heel turn and he would align himself with John Laurinaitis. It would make things a lot more interesting.

  • Ellen

    Undertaker! Welcome back! It was absolutely awesome to hear the tolling of the bells. Gave me goosebumps! Love, love, love it!

  • @jblack424

    I remain where if taker vs hhh happens I won’t be happy but seen someone say hell in cell. I agreed but wouldn’t a foley matchup be more awesome. You could beat foley to a pulp and then in foley fashion can retire and take over raw. Hhh vs taker with what the streak is makes no point at all but putting them in a cell can make it easier to watch. I stand by saying hhh vs taker 3 is what would stop me from ordering. Wwe has incredible talent. Hhh could face miz with cole as a manger and if miz wins cole gets gm. Also regal is hilarious. He always been and I said a couple days ago bring booker t back and regal on announce but they should throw foley on announce when he is done as I think he would be great or bring back jbl cause though its announcing booker t is just bland to a point. His mess ups is his comedy

    • sforester

      Taker (and Trips too) can put over a younger star any time of the year, but after last year's match where Taker was stretchered out, a rematch was a foregone conclusion. Trips is going to clearly be the heel against Taker just as Cena will clearly be the heel against Rocky. I'm hoping for a deeper promo from Trips this year about how he literally took Taker so far that he had to be stretchered out after the match. It will get the crowd firmly behind Taker without turning them too hard on Trips as they know that he's right. Besides, Taker-Trips will take up the slack left by Rocky-Cena, which I'm predicting to fall flat. Besides, it could very well be the last Wrestlemania (even last match!) for these two legit superstars.

  • @jblack424

    You say that a reamcth was gonna happen that is a problem that wwe does to fans all the time. I feel writers on this website is trying to dig and claw to find reason to believe hhh vs taker is the best option when in reality its not. I get the fact that it feels like that will be it but doesn’t mean its best option and wwe is always right. You say that both can elevate guys well have both do so. Taker could beat barrett and if barrett by himself or with group could have same ending as last years taker can’t get up. What made last years ok minus terrible promos was they both had all year off and it was actually a match great for a 1 time battle. Now if every year is a rematch it gets stale. You build a young guy to take the streak it will rock. My question to you guys is wade vs taker and/or miz vs hhh bad? I think cause rock vs cena its already gonna be record sales but as wrestling fans we want a awesome card. I maybe just 1 guy but on this website I seen that a lot more ppl agree with me that hhh taker 3 is just not what we want. I think you said in a hell in cell and it would help a lil but is it fun knowing who will win and if hhh wins I honestly drop wrestling from my life as a man 0-2 shouldn’t get third shot.so he could be 1-2. I’m a sports fan maybe that’s the problem as a taker is joe montana 49ers or bradshaws steelers unbeatable at superbowl. You guys want bengals or cowboys to get 3rd shot to try to prove their better and all they can do is prove they aint as bad as 0-2 feels they are a 1-2 team. Please reply cause I feel this is one of wrestling biggest debates in a very long time and I’m enjoying the talk and opinions of you guys. Thanks and if I seem like I’m being an a.. I’m not trying to as you guys try to make you see it your way I’m trying to do the same.

    • sforester

      Oh I see where you're coming from on why Trips shouldn't get the third one. Right now, though, there's really not anyone (besides maybe Jericho and Orton) that can afford the disappointment of not taking the streak. You and I both know that Vince isn't going to end the streak, and if he does, it will definitely be the end of the Undertaker's career. Taker-Wade and Miz-Trips are definitely good character-building matches for Wade and Miz, but WrestleMania is NOT the time to BUILD a character. It's the time to showcase the best of what you have. At least that's how I see it, and I'm pretty old-school in most respects.

      It may make no sense from a storyline standpoint to have Trips-Taker III because, as you say, Trips is already 0-2. However, as someone with a background in psychology, I can tell you that we have a basic instinct to want that last chance to prove ourselves when we come so close to victory and wind up disappointed. I want you to go back and watch the medals ceremony at the Olympics. Naturally, the gold medalist will be exuberant because he/she won, but the BRONZE medalist looks happier than the SILVER medalist because the silver medalist knows that with just a bit more, he/she could have been the one with the gold medal having the country's national anthem played.

      By the logic you're presenting that Trips doesn't deserve the rematch, then HBK didn't deserve his second try at WM XXVI and Kane didn't deserve his at WM XX either. Admittedly, Kane's was 6 years later rather than the very next year in the case of HBK. May I remind you that there were ten years between Taker-Trips I and II? Back on the first one, Trips wasn't as established as a veteran as he is now and Taker was in the biker gimmick. The HIAC match was actually second to the idea of a Casket match, but with the casket, there'd be too much chance of outside interference and a screwy finish (then we'd be talking Taker-Trips IV!).

      • Jbreed

        The streak won't ever be used to elevate younger guys because ever since the first Undertaker/HBK match, the WWE has decided every time the Undertaker defends the streak it should only be in a main event caliber match. I guess Triple H, even if he does only 3 matches a year, is still considered a main event draw.

        • sforester

          Right on the part of the Streak being used as a main-event caliber match. About the only young guy that actually got a rub from being a Streak victim is Randy Orton, who was already well on his way to being established when that match happened.

  • Bertie

    Did anyone else think takers wig was awful?!!

  • @jblack424

    Your right on how they could do it and it would be a good performed match because taker and hhh are some of the best to ever do it. I just want elevation so its not just delrio miz cena and punk fighting for titles. I feel dolph was just a someone to try to build up but knew he was gonna lose. I would really like this a wrestlemania as a star maker with cody delrio dolph kofi miz wade coming out as big time stars. I didntt include punk as he is already up there. Bryan is too as I am a roh fan for a while and I feel him and sheamus most likely in hw title match will help establish themselves. I feel this could be awesome wrestlemania but wwe needs it stars to keep fans hooked from april to april not just jan to wm. Like you said taker and hhh can elevate but taker will most likely not wrestle anymore besides mania and I believe he will do 1 more but that’s not certain so I would like taker to have a younger guy take him to the limit and that alone I feel will build a guy up. The younger heel can go around I finish undertaker though I didn’t win there the push of the guy. Just don’t make the younger guy timid make him embrace taking the streak which can maybe make them crazy enough to think they will do it. I personally would like a dolph w/johnny ace vs Hhh for raws gm spot. I am really worried for raw as I just can’t honestly enjoy a hhh and taker fued but I think the way they ended it had me cheering haha.I just know how things go and it will prob set up hhhvstaker3. I just been watching as very lil kid. Wrestling ppvs was awesome as kid fighting with cousin while parents talked but even after holding them in headlocks for half hours I would still go get them pop before sitting down and watching wrestling.

  • Bill

    I have only one complain. The end segment. Whats the reasoning behind Undertaker coming back and trying to challenge Trips again? Its seems forced and both men could do much more useful things with other people imo. They did all they could with their other matches, what else is there left to prove?

    • sforester

      I think I can answer that one. Taker's challenging Trips for the same reason I expected Trips to be the one to issue the challenge: Last year, Taker was stretchered out, something that had never been done to him at Wrestlemania (and in his entire career if I'm not mistaken). You may not think Taker has anything to prove, but from a storyline view, Taker wants to prove that he is still the Phenom, and who better to prove it against than the man who took him so far to his limits that he had to be stretchered out like a mere mortal? For the first time, Taker had truly seen the mortality of his streak and career.

  • Bertie

    No one is mentioning TAKERS BLATANT WIG!!!!!!!! Is American bad ass taker coming back? He would surely lose a wig?