Release Date For WWE '13 Revealed; CM Punk On The Cover

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It was announced on tonight's WWE Raw Supershow that WWE '13 is set to be released on Tuesday, October 30, 2012. There was some confusion about the game being released on Thursday of that week but new DVD and video game releases are usually on done on Tuesdays.

WWE Champion CM Punk is featured on the cover of WWE '13.

  • Mark

    When does wwe13 release in the UK?

    • Vince

      Most likely november 2nd

    • Logan_Walker

      It Will Be Sold on the Friday the 2nd Of November… My Source… WWE 12 came out two days later than in the US and i have a mate who works at HMV and he said that they added it to there system to be released on the the Friday the 2nd

  • whitethought_

    That WWF Attitude logo in the corner! *thumbs up* But why didn't they mention "the Revolution"?

  • eric

    I wil get it

  • haley

    this and assasin’s creed on the same day, bingo

  • H.M.

    One of the best covers for a WWE game I have ever seen.

  • British bulldog

    ‘wwe attitude’ in the corner of the cover!?!

    • Logan_Walker

      i don't know why they done that unless there changing there PG Rating other than that i dont know why else they would do that…

  • James

    WWE Attitude? I haven’t seen any attitude in over 10 years.

  • Alex P

    In the words of the Long Island Iced Z…this cover is siiiiiiiick!