Report: Eric Bischoff, Jason Hervey & Garett Bischoff Suing TNA

Jason Powell of ProWrestling.net is reporting that Eric Bischoff, Jason Hervey and Garett Bischoff have filed a breach of contract lawsuit against TNA Entertainment for unpaid money in the amount of $114,500.02.

According to the lawsuit — obtained by Powell — Bischoff Hervey Entertainment was hired by TNA on a “pay or play” basis and they are owed $101,500 for services rendered January 2015 through March 2015.

Garett — who was part of BHE’s first agreement with TNA — signed a talent contract on October 24, 2012. He claims TNA owes him $13,000.02 in unpaid compensation for October 2014 through March 2015 (his contract expired on March 31, 2015).

The lawsuit indicates TNA made payments in a timely manner through September 2014 but attorneys for BHE notified TNA on November 4, 2014 of a breach in the agreement for October pay. They were given 20 days to rectify the situation but a second notice was filed thereafter. TNA later paid BHE $101,500 "on or before January 1, 2015," according to the lawsuit.

The company is now seeking the same amount of unpaid money for the final three months of their contract, which also expired on March 31, 2015.

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  • Jesse Sherwood

    And the hits keep coming for TNA…

  • Uzoma Iwuagwu

    Just when things couldn’t get any worse for TNA.

  • They’re trying to get their money while TNA still exists. Oh, and Bischoff’s kid was a total waste of a paycheck.

    • Jesse Sherwood

      No worse than Brisco’s… At least Garrett didn’t have a tramp stamp!

      • John Watson

        Indeed. At least Garrett improves some in-ring, unlike Brisco

      • John H

        Sigh, insulting a man for his choice of tattoo is pretty low. Don’t judge people by appearances, yeah?

        • Jesse Sherwood

          I don’t. It was purely a joke. But that aside, John Watson below is right. Wes Briscoe was easily one of the worst “Gut Check” signees, as he was horrid in the ring and never seemed to improve. I wanted to like him, as he had decent charisma, but I can’t get behind someone who has no real ability in the ring.

          • John H

            Well then, let’s make jokes about women, or the black wrestlers. Or jews and acts of rape. They’re just jokes, right? Nothing wrong with that.

            You can judge a lot by a person and what he thinks is fodder for ‘jokes’. Making a snarky comment about a man’s tattoo choice isn’t funny. The only thing that comes out looking like a joke is the person making it.

            I’ll probably get deleted and banned for daring to point out the offensive unprofessional writing of a staffer here, but it’s 2015, and ‘jokes’ judging people’s appearances need to be confronted. Doing and saying nothing about it just helps let people think it’s perfectly fine to do such things.

          • Hmm

            So you did delete the comment criticising you for your judgmental joke? Classy.

          • You Are Rude

            If you’re going to ”joke” about someone’s appearance, is it fine for me to joke about yours, fatty? Maybe before you laugh at someone’s tattoos you lay off those cheeseburgers. We don’t want to see all your chins waggling from the laughter.

            Purely a joke.

  • Dave Barton

    That 2-cents just makes me laugh.

  • Mike McCarthy

    Just another nail in the casket

  • Kevin

    This lawsuit is the least of TNA’s worries. They’re about to be out of business, bankrupt, caput! As the cliché goes, “You can’t get blood from a turnip.” When TNA goes belly-up, there won’t be any money for Bischoff Hervey Entertainment to collect. The court may side with BHE, but the court doesn’t collect a debt for you; they simply give you the legal documents with which to collect that debt. Good luck getting your money, BHE; you’ll simply be the first in a long, long, long, long, long line of debt collectors attempting to “get blood from a turnip.”