Report: Winter Gone From TNA Wrestling reported today that Winter is officially gone from TNA Wrestling.

According to their report, Winter's contract expired Wednesday and was not renewed. She is accepting independent bookings at [email protected].

Winter, who worked in WWE as Katie Lea Burchill, said last December she would never return to WWE and TNA allowed her to pursue her acting interests in Los Angeles.

  • PainOfDemise

    I figured this was the case, but it is nice to finally know for a fact. It sucks, I really liked her as Winter in TNA. One of my favorite Knockouts.

    • Van

      same here.I used to tell people the only Winter I like is in TNA.she could've had a good feud with Tara if they kept the title on her longer.

  • Johnyfaction3

    Velvet Sky, Angelina, Winter…dang TNA is Letting go a bunch of their girls. They have Brooke, Gail, Tara, Mickie, Madison. OBD, Sarita, Rosita and the Hendrix who are rarely seen. Then non wrestlers Taryn, Hogan, Christy, So Cal.

  • Sadly I have been expecting this 🙁 I think she is a good worker and has had the ball dropped with her

  • J-Dub

    Bout Time!

  • She was taking independent bookings before her contract even expired

  • CynIsIn

    Katie Lea is one of those wasted talents, that could give so much if the powers that be just took a chance on her. Just a shame, I hope she goes to Shine, eventually.

  • Patrick Peralta

    I'm not suprised Winter is gone from TNA she hasn't been seen in months an d is working indy shows during that time… Sad to see her go but I guessed since Agelina Love was gone she would fallow soon. I liked her she is very good.

    oh well I'll keep track of her on the indy scene.

  • Mario

    Two possible theories: TNA`s financial problems or a will to improve the talent and on air time , given to THE KNOCKOUTS .

  • Logan_Walker

    Winter/Katie Lea is a hot English woman.

    • Bishop

      I agree

    • Billkmc

      She is actually German but moved to England to attend university. That’s when she started wrestling I believe.

  • Cuthbert

    Talk about a Winter of discontent…………

  • Van

    I used to think the Knockout's Division was the best part of the's going downhill.the only way to keep it alive is to give the title to Sarita and have her start a feud with Mickie James.that would help out

  • Winter

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