Restoring The World Title, Background Of The Wyatt Family, El Torito, HBK's Role In Bryan-Orton

Despite my dislike for John Cena's on-screen work, I feel it's a good idea to have a feud involving Cena and the World Heavyweight Championship. Do you also feel this could bring prestige back to the title?

This is a good point and yes, I do think having John Cena hold the World Heavyweight Championship will help the prestige of the title. It's not a foregone conclusion that Cena is going over Alberto Del Rio at WWE Hell in a Cell but how many people see Cena doing a job in his first match back? The fact Cena is coming back and challenging for a title other than the WWE title should help tame the haters, at least temporarily. The fact of the matter is WWE needs John Cena and the product is hurt when he's not working.

Can you give us some background on The Wyatt Family and also trace the lineage of Bray Wyatt for us?

Bray Wyatt is a third generation pro wrestler as his grandfather is Blackjack Mulligan and his father is IRS. He's also the nephew of Barry and Kendall Windham. He's the brother of Bo Dallas, who is currently a standout in WWE developmental. Eric Rowan's real name is Joseph Ruud and he worked in Japan and the Minnesota independent circuit prior to receiving a WWE developmental deal in 2011. Luke Harper is the former Brodie Lee and was very well known on the US independent circuit in promotions such as CHIKARA, Ring of Honor, EVOLVE and Dragon Gate USA. He was signed just last year and has been on the fast track ever since.

Who is under the mask of El Torito, the bull that accompanies Los Matadores?

Mascarita Dorada plays the El Torito character. He's well-known for his work in both AAA and CMLL in Mexico and was signed by WWE last spring. If you haven't seen his work, I encourage you to check it out on YouTube as he's impressive.

What role do you see Shawn Michaels playing on Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan?

I see Shawn Michaels playing the role of a babyface equalizer in the program. Daniel Bryan needs for there to be some avenue to believe he has a legitimate chance of winning the WWE title and actually keeping it. There has been talk since early August about involving Michaels in the program with Bryan and WWE finally pulled the trigger this week. A lot of people are speculating for this to lead to Michaels returning to the ring but that's simply not the case. Michaels is under WWE contract and is used when they call him. Unless there is a major change in direction, which is always possible, he's not wrestling.

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  • Ricky

    Also didn’t El Torito work for the WWE in the late 90’s as Mini Vader and El Torito working with guys like Max Mini and Mini Nova?

    • No, different worker. You’re thinking of Espectrito

      • Ricky

        Ah, ok.

  • James

    Damien Sandow would get a huge pop if he cashed in on Cena and won the WHC.

    • Nostaljack

      I dunno. He’s taken quite the unceremonious nosedive lately – doing jobs to everything with a pulse. I think it’d be interesting to see but I’m not as optimistic about the reaction it would get as you are.

      • Xavier

        A win over Cena (even a dirty one) would do wonders in building credibility back to Sandow. I think he’d get a huge pop, anyone who cashes in on Cena would I think

  • Steve

    Richard is there a premium maibag coming out soon?

    • Today.

      • Maybe tomorrow. One or the other but I haven’t recorded yet so feel free to submit questions.

  • Xavier

    I like the design of the site

    • Thanks. We are working on it but I had to throw it live to test something.

  • Borgi

    Sandow cashes in turns face due to crowd reaction and cena goes full heel.

  • Eddie Edwards

    I have a feeling HBK is going to turn heel.

  • The Breaker

    If HBK ever returns to the ring (and it does sound like a BIG if), I wouldn’t mind seeing him and Hunter go at it one final time.

    • Clint

      it would be great if they had a tag match, michaels and bryan vs triple h and orton

      • The Breaker

        With the people involved, that would have to be at a PPV. And it would probably also mean that neither Bryan nor Orton become WWE Champion at HIAC. So, when would they do it? Survivor Series would make sense for that, given the traditional focus on tag team wrestling. Might it be Team Triple H vs Team HBShizzle?

  • John

    John Cena as World Heavyweight Champion & Daniel Bryan as WWE champion at the same time just isn’t going to happen. One of them is losing at Hell In A Cell & it isn’t going to be Cena.

  • Ravi samota

    Any possibility of Mr kennnnnnnnedy back to wwe

  • Charles

    Guaranteed the World Title match won’t open the PPV this time. It’s a step in the right direction.

  • Philip Thompson

    There’s a possibility that Cena is back for one match and they protect his elbow whiles pretending that ADR is going after it. Cena wins the title but only after ADR has ‘reinjured’ his arm. Sandow cashes in and gets a huge pop and goes over Cena elevating him without burying Cena who came back ‘too soon’.