Return Of Roman Reigns, Bryan's Health, Rock vs. Brock, WWE Moving PPVs

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Roman Reigns is advertised for WWE live events on 12/26 in Chicago and 12/28 in Pittsburgh. Is that a good sign that he'll return in December?

Yes, you are correct in that Roman Reigns is advertised for WWE holiday live events on December 26 and December 28 in Chicago and Pittsburgh respectively. This is a great sign he'll be back before the end of the year after undergoing emergency surgery for an incarcerated hernia in September. As we reported here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com, Reigns is being advertised locally for the Royal Rumble match at the pay-per-view next year.

It's important to note this advance promotional material is subject to change but it does provide hope that his return will happen at some point in December. I've been told since the days after his surgery that WWE was confident Reigns would be cleared to return in December but could hold him off TV until Royal Rumble. The fact he's advertised for shows in December isn't surprising because it follows that initial timeline laid out here.

Can you confirm 100% that Daniel Bryan needs Tommy John surgery?

No, I cannot confirm that Daniel Bryan needs elbow surgery. A new development occurred in a segment taped with Big Show for this week's episode of Smackdown that you can read about at this link. Bryan was with Darren Young, his wife Brie Bella and Stephanie McMahon at a WWE appearance in Santa Clara, CA on Tuesday. We covered it at this link.

The last I heard about Bryan's health was that he had not regained the strength in his arm and wouldn't be medically cleared to return until he did. Bryan himself said in a promotional interview earlier this year that doctors wanted to take the nerve along his elbow and put it under his forearm muscle. This following the cervical foraminotomy he had in May.

Rumors Bryan could be facing a second surgery resurfaced earlier this month, as we covered at this link. Right now, we'll wait for Bryan to confirm before reporting further.

If The Rock works Wrestlemania 31, if not Brock Lesnar, who are some potential opponents you could see him face?

I believe The Rock vs. Brock Lesnar is the biggest match possible for Wrestlemania 31. In fact, it's getting to the point where it would be a mistake not to do it. If John Cena fails to recapture the WWE World Heavyweight Championship from Lesnar, who is to be perceived as capable of beating him? While some will make the argument for Roman Reigns, I have a hard time believing it won't be The Rock. Personally, I would prefer the belt off Lesnar for a potential match against Rock at Wrestlemania 31.

As for other opponents, we'd have to look hard down WWE's roster and determine someone that could have a good program with The Rock. Bray Wyatt comes to mind as a possible solution but he went under to Cena this year, does he really need to go under to The Rock next? This of course is under the assumption Rock isn't coming back to lose.

Rumors have been swirling that the Elimination Chamber PPV could possibly be moving to June to replace Payback and used to set up the main event at SummerSlam. Is there any truth to this, and do you think the move would be beneficial?

I was told earlier in the week that WWE was looking to move Elimination Chamber and replace it with a show apparently called WWE Fast Lane. However, I cannot confirm that and can only state it as a rumor at this point. Apparently the idea is with only one world title and the Royal Rumble determining the No. 1 contender for Wrestlemania, a second No. 1 contender bout [in the Elimination Chamber structure] isn't needed. I do not have details on when WWE will hold Elimination Chamber or anything further about its potential replacement in February.

From the Ask WNW vault…

January 2013: How do the superstars refer to one another when the cameras aren’t on? Do they call each other by their legal name, or by their character? - It really just depends on the person. For example, would you even know who I was talking about if I said the name Michael Hickenbottom? Above, I just referenced Pat Patterson (real name Pierre Clermont). I’ve got a funny story to disclose on this question. Four years ago I was conducting some interviews for use on the website. When booking names I would often go through a worker’s agent to get in touch with them. Well, I wanted to be as professional as possible without sounding like a mark so I emailed one agent and asked to book Nick Cvjetkovich (better known as Kizarny or Sinn Bodhi). The agent said when they read the email they thought, who in the hell is Nick Cvjetkovich?

The next installment of Ask WNW is scheduled to run on Thursday, October 30, 2014.

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  • Scottyo614

    Have the Rock beat Lesbar for the title only to have Seth Rollins cash in. New star and would make people tune in for a few weeks.

    • devanshkotak

      if rock returns, expect reigns to be with him in some fashion. but to me rollins vs reigns vs ambrose sounds like a better match. just my opinion

      • kavon


  • John Watson

    If the WWE is still instisting on moving Elimination Chamber to another month, which month is suitable enough?

    I’ve been thinking of putting Elimination Chamber in June. It’s pretty much works like the Royal Rumble to WrestleMania and Elimination Chamber pretty much could determines a #1 Contender’s spot at SummerSlam.

    Although I’m thinking of scrapping the whole “gimmick match themed PPV” as it gives gimmick matches like Hell In A Cell and Elimination Chamber to even appear on any other PPV all over the year and not just stacked in a “Once a year” event.

    • Brandon van Reenen

      I like the idea of having it in June. That time of year isn’t crowded with gimmick PPVs with the exception of MITB. Looking at WWE’s calendar, about 6 months of the year is dedicated to gimmick PPVs with Night of Champions, Hell in a Cell, Survivor Series (barely gimmicky), TLC and Royal Rumble. So, yeah, June would be nice.

    • TheBigKing1

      Or it could be like it usually was…and be for the actual title and not a #1 contender.

  • Dave Barton

    So “WWE Fast Lane” would be the lead-in to WM? Sounds pretty anti-climactic, based on its name. Unless there’s a gimmick related to it’s name, I just don’t see the appeal.

    • John Watson

      Maybe it’s related to the phrases “going full throttle on the road to WrestleMania” or something that they’ve mentioned almost every time in the February’s event.

      Hey wait, then why not they just took the name “WWE Full Throttle” instead? lol

      • Simon Veitch

        The road to WrestleMania! In the fast lane. Yes it’s that bad, I don’t doubt WWE will do this and it will be a terrible name.

    • Morgan “The Retro Goat” Hench

      WWE Fast Lane, nothing but Beat the Clock matches. Winner becomes new champion.

      I really hope my sarcastic guess isn’t true.

      • John Watson

        Stop giving Creatives such idea lol

      • devanshkotak

        what if its an iron man match? whats worse is by our great luck its gonna be cena vs orton. i tried naming another worn out match and i couldnt think on anything in comparison to cena orton.

        • Eddie Edwards

          Cena vs Lesnar is getting up there

          • devanshkotak

            cena gets his ass kicked. so always an up side with that one

          • Vomkrieg

            Cena vs Lesnar ironman match in the style of summerslam.

            A solid hour of german suplexes and Cena being pinned 20 times……

            Could that be the worst match of all time?

    • kavon

      it sound more like a tv show than a ppv

      • Dave Barton

        You’re absolutely right, like an all-cruiserweight show on Saturday mornings or something.

        • Bob’s Diner

          I’d be down for that

  • Luke

    Give me back Unforgiven, No Way Out, Over the Limit, or No Mercy. What I’m tired of are the themed events like TLC, Money in the Bank, Hell in a Cell, etc. Tired of using gimmick matches for the heck of it.

    • Moose

      I agree. I would rather the matches be special and not expected.

  • Padres4life

    i’m convinced Bryan is never coming back at this point! such a shame..nobody is even half as over..it effects the shows.

  • Eddie Edwards

    A move to later in the year would be great for the Elimination Chamber PPV. It has become way to predictable between RR and WM. Fast Lane has to be the worst PPV name in the history of PPV names though.

    I’m going to the 12/28 event and am pretty pumped they are advertising Reigns, Wyatt, and Ambrose. Hope it stays that way.

    • Snap

      I agree about Fast Lane being a terrible PPV name and it makes me wonder if Elimination Chamber is being moved, why not just move the PPV it would be replacing into its spot? Forgive me if it has been mentioned elsewhere and I just missed it, but I am guessing the plan will be to place Elimination Chamber to determine a contender for SummerSlam and I doubt they are going to mess with Money in the Bank, so which PPV will be getting the axe?

      • kavon

        payback will be in may in Baltimore so it may be extreme rules

        • Snap

          If it’s Extreme Rules, maybe they will combine both gimmicks into one as the Elimination Chamber fits well with the extreme environment.

  • diddy

    Imagine Cena Vs Lesner in a tlc match with lesner beating the holly hell out of cena who would have put up the ladder so he could grab the belt but with lesner stopping him this could leave the way clear for rollins to cash in the mitb case and dash up the ladder and become champion in a most unpredictable way thus lesner still looks like an unbeatable monster who gets beaten by brains not brawn.

  • sam

    Anyone who follows baseball knows what tommy john surgery means. There is no varying degrees of of surgery like with a torn acl in the knee or pectoral in the shoulder. Tommy John surgery means you are out of action for at least 10 months. Hope its not true

    • Cubed56

      You are correct when it comes to baseball. The reason it takes so long to recover from Tommy John for baseball players is because of the torque they put on their arm with varying angles. I’m no doctor, but I’m not so sure that DB will have as long of a recovery time as a baseball player would. Typically, the strength is back in a baseball players arm after 3-4 months, but as stated above its the torque and arm angles that make the recovery time much longer, to ensure the new tendon can withstand it. Like I said I’m no doctor, but I would think once Db regains the strength in his arm, he would be cleared. Hopefully that’s only 3-4 months, but i could be completely wrong and it could be closer to 10-12 months like you stated. Hopefully for all of us fans it sooner than later.

  • Simon Veitch

    Here’s what I don’t understand. Why not just build an elimination chamber match where the champion has the belt on the line. Sure the rumble winner has a WrestleMania match but doesn’t state against who. And then actually put people in he match who could believably become champion so it’s not an obvious match

    • TheBigKing1

      Exactly! It was like that for a couple of Elimination Chamber matches.

      • Simon Veitch

        Yeah exactly, that’s how it used to be and it worked. At the same time I’m all for dumping gimmic shows. Obviously keep money in the bank and rumble. But hell in a cell, elimination chamber, TLC should just be match types brought into personal feuds when they’re needed, not when the WWE feels they need to give a BS reason for one because the PPV demands it.

  • Sho’off

    U forget Rock vs Rusev is a possibility.

  • Bob’s Diner

    Didn’t WWE tease doing The Rock vs HHH recently? I am putting my money on that match happening

  • David F

    glad hear Reigns recovery is going well but I for one do not think he is ready to face Lesnar and he is not credible enough challenger. I would however like see Shield triple threat at WM for briefcase.

  • Yves Heinrich

    But if Rock vs. Brock will happen and Brock would still defend the title, you can kiss goodbye Reigns as World Champion.
    To be honest, I don’t think that The Rock should be champion although it would be awesome to see him again!