Rey Mysterio & Justin Roberts Resurface, Roberts Upset At WWE

Rey Mysterio and Justin Roberts appeared at Tommy Dreamer’s House of Hardcore show in Philadelphia, PA on Saturday night. Wrestling News World reader Jorge Romero Tweeted these photos to us:

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Speaking of Roberts, he’s upset with WWE for pulling a highlight reel of his career from YouTube. He wrote the following on his Instagram account:

At the end of my 12 year relationship, there were a lot of things about work that made it hard to want to get on those planes. But on the night that we didn't renew my contract- I left the building and they told me the door was always open. I chose to walk the opposite direction and move on. I left out the negativity in my heart and wrote a positive goodbye and was on my way into the next chapter.

The company sent me footage and I put together a reel featuring much of that footage since that's where I was, almost daily for over a decade. My reel was out there and maybe I'd go where the wind blew, but today they pulled that reel off of YouTube. Despite countless hours of their copyrighted YouTube footage uploaded by others, my 5 min reel of my work is pulled. Maybe their legal department isn't busy enough? #BeA(Star emoticon)

Mysterio was freed from his WWE contract last month, while Roberts departed in October 2014.

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  • Sometimes I wonder about decisions the WWE makes in regards to current and former employees. I know it was copyrighted, but there’s thousands of hours of copyrighted material on YouTube. This was easy to pull for obvious reasons, but it seems like a slap to the face to me.

    • Moose

      Seems like the proverbial “kicking a man while he’s down” to me.

    • Dave Barton

      It’s so hit-and-miss as far as what WWE is going to take down on YouTube. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they didn’t even realize it was Justin’s account that posted it.

  • devanshkotak

    copyrights are also inder youtube policy/ havent seen the vid but there could have been parts that are copyrighted for everyone. just a guess