Ric Flair Teases Possible In-Ring Return?

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Dot com posted a video of Ric Flair after appearing on this week's WWE Raw. Flair said he was overwhelmed and that WWE was the best place in the world to work. He said he's proud to be there and of the friendships he's made.

When asked about CM Punk, Flair said to give him two months to get ready because he didn't want to say something he couldn't backup. "Give me 60 days" Flair concluded.

While we still haven't heard if Flair has a new WWE contract, it's of note that 60 days from Monday is Sunday, February 17, 2013 which is WWE Elimination Chamber from the New Orleans Arena in New Orleans. Obviously this could be a coincidence or it could be an indication of something more. Flair's favorite thing to say on the interview circuit as of late is that his in-ring days are over.

Click here for the video on dot com.

  • The Big Organ

    Man I marked out big time when Flair returned! This goes to show the difference between WWE Ric Flair vs TNA Ric Flair. I hated TNA Ric Flair and I think it’s because in WWE Flair had a leash and he can only go so far. In TNA he had no leash and he went as far as he wanted which was pretty far! Flair in TNA was a huge mistake even though I do dig TNA, but lets face it Ric Flair > TNA and the proof was shown when they let him do whatever he wanted.

  • Loren_G

    My feeling is that he had straight-up stated that he was done wrestling in the WWE years ago after his match with HBK. There was so much emotion and outpouring of support from everyone on RAW that night. If he gets back in the ring it's a slap in the face to everyone. At least when HBK said he was done he has kept his word.

  • Terra Ryzing

    I just don’t want to see Flair with his shirt off

    • Tom

      ya you are right ! I don't want to see that too !