Richard’s Exclusive Update: Hogan’s Return, Fallout Over Lawler Arrest, WWE Star Likely Finished, One Star Hoping To Return After Extended Absence, Much More

- A big story starting to make rounds in recent days is that WWE is once again open to bringing Hulk Hogan back into the fold. Keep in mind we ran this a week ago on WNW Premium, reporting that WWE was looking to ease him back in now that the dust on his latest controversies has settled.

- In a story that we’re working on tomorrow for Premium subscribers, the domestic violence arrest of Jerry Lawler is having ramifications throughout the WWE roster. There is one key name they were looking to bring in that they’ve now cooled on due to a history of domestic violence. Regardless of who was wrong and who was right in the situation with King, WWE has to take domestic violence very seriously and they’re doing just that with this situation. Look for that story online tomorrow.

- Speaking of Premium subscribers, they’re currently enjoying an exclusive on the suspension of Roman Reigns among other exclusive content.

- Hideo Itami is nearing his return from shoulder issues and is using social media to tease it. This is a big deal as we’ve been wondering whether or not he would be able to come back from this injury. He hasn’t worked since April 30, 2015 and is a guy that WWE had hoped was going to carry the NXT brand.

- Tyson Kidd’s WWE contract is coming up soon and he appears to be finished with the company as they have not medically cleared him to compete. We have more here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com Premium.

- Rusev will defend the WWE United States Championship next week on Raw against Titus O’Neil.

- The Wyatt Family didn’t appear on last night’s “Off the Top Rope” segment on ESPN SportsCenter due to the special coverage of the lives and careers of Buddy Ryan and Pat Summitt. Both of the legendary coaches died yesterday. ESPN still recapped Raw on the show.

- After cameras stopped rolling at this week’s Smackdown taping, WWE Champion Dean Ambrose, Cesaro and Sami Zayn beat The Wyatt Family in a dark match main event. This week’s Smackdown taping featured a split roster with many talents already heading for today’s show in Hawaii. Attendance was said to be sparse as well but one has to look at every taped episode of Smackdown until next month as a throwaway show.

- We noted earlier about how Billie Kay taped her main roster debut at this week’s Smackdown taping. Here’s what she said about it: ”I can't even describe how I feel right now… I keep thinking about myself at 10 years old watching @WWE & dreaming of being a superstar”

- WWE Champion Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Chris Jericho and AJ Styles are among talent that will work today’s show in Honolulu, Hawaii. Official event information is available at this link.

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  • Dave Barton

    Really? They were thinking of bringing back “Chaz” until the Lawler incident? 😂

    • Thanks for the laugh, I really needed that! Sadly few will get it. Honestly, I wouldn’t have remembered had I not just re-watched it recently on the WWE Network, for just $9.99!

    • james cavalieri

      Lawler, a trump supporter, should get together with corey lewandowski, and call themselves the wild women abusers!!!

    • obediah

      hahaha I legitimately cracked up over that. It took me a second but then I remembered that angle like it was yesterday

    • Dave Barton

      I’m glad at least two people got that extraordinarily obscure reference of mine, lol.

  • Rachel Miller

    Since Roman Reigns has huge support from Vince McMahon, Kevin Dunn and to a lesser extent, Triple H, I don’t expect Reigns to be pushed down the card. Now, if it someone like Cesaro or Apollo Crews, then IMO he would end up with a Zack Ryder/Dolph Ziggler-like career burial. Thoughts?

  • Mandy

    That sucks about Tyson he really was having a good run when his injury happened.