Richard Gray's Desk Cam - Wrestlemania 29 Match Outcomes

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Expect the unexpected... with Wrestlemania 29?'s Richard Gray discusses what he expects at the pay-per-view and why he hopes to be surprised.

  • Cobra

    I’m curious, would people rather see an unpredictable Wrestlemania with good matches or predictable Wrestlemania with great matches?

    • lee

      Unpredictable with good matches, if we already know the out come of the matches y order the PPV?

      • Bigb

        That’s exactly why for the first time in about 15 years I’m not ordering wrestlemania every year there is a match or two where you pretty much know the outcome before hand but this year the outcome of every match is pretty much a lock so if you already know who’s gonna win is it worth $60 to see how

        • lee

          It’s not worth to see how they won, when u can wait til someone puts it online or wait til it go’s to dvd and rent it.

    • opie

      Good question. Everybody knew how Taker/HBK 2 would end, but it was still an all-time great match.

    • Earl

      Nothing cuzz. i bin hab dat one big boi dat dun breaks da arm vs dat dead maliga dat has dat big mob wins and den i put da cm fulla to fite dat cena fulla coz dey both dun thing dey da best in wwfe

  • BDCD

    I see the following outcomes happening:
    Cena wins, HHH wins, undertaker wins
    I want the following outcomes:
    Cena wins dirty (heel turn), Brock wins clean and dominantly, punk wins (for all reasons u stated).

    • Sanchit Goyal

      U like brock and punk??

      • Bdcd

        Yeah I absolutely like them. Brock needs to get the win and remain strong since he’s signed for the next 2 years. As for punk I think it’s time for the undertaker to go and a win for punk will make him an instant legend. Both can and should be used to then build the young guys up from there.

        • Sanchit Goyal

          Brock signed for the next 2 years?? Its ok if one likes brock but punk he is not a guys to b liked. He was good atleast a year ago but now his reputation has declined..

  • Sanchit Goyal

    Waiting for rock vs cena

  • tomcatjerrymouse

    The most important outcomes would be for The Shield to go over and Dolph Ziggler cashing in and make the young bloods start carrying the WWE.