Richard’s Exclusive Update: Return On Raw?, Wavering On Roman, Domestic Violence & WWE, Heenans Impersonated, Sunny Tackles Substance Abuse, Much More

- Vickie Guerrero is rumored for tonight’s Raw, according to reports attributed to the PWInsider website. We’re unable to confirm but WWE promised a former Smackdown authority figure.

- WWE is facing an uphill battle with tonight’s Raw being on the Fourth of July. Suffice it to say they’re preparing for a lower than usual rating but WWE never pays much attention to numbers on holidays.

- Speaking of tonight’s Raw here’s what is on tap:

* WWE United States Champion Rusev vs. Titus O’Neil
* WWE Champion Dean Ambrose vs. WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz in a non-title match
* Team USA vs. Team International in a 16-man Elimination Match
* Stephanie and Shane McMahon

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- Roman Reigns is currently sitting out 30 days with a non-paid suspension for violating the WWE Wellness Policy. As we reported here on Wrestling News World Premium, the rumor is Reigns was ultimately suspended due to an amphetamine being detected in his system. The word that made rounds was that he also tested positive for marijuana, which carries a fine, not a suspension. The initial word is that his card position will be unaffected, as evidenced by him headlining WWE Battleground when he comes back. However, as we reported over the weekend, it was the worst possible time for Reigns to get suspended because Vince was believed to be wavering on his commitment to Roman.

- Seth Rollins and AJ Styles are two names that Vince McMahon is extremely high up on. He envisions Rollins as one of the best heels of all time and has kicked himself for not bringing in Styles sooner. There is even talk they could headline brands following the 2016 WWE Draft.

- A couple of lowlifes thought they’d be cute and create fake Twitter accounts for Bobby Heenan and his wife Cynthia. They were so slick they got the accounts verified but we’re able to confirm they are FAKE. Twitter has since deleted both accounts after outrage from good friends of the Heenan family.

- Cody Rhodes, who did the angle with Stephen Amell at SummerSlam last year, will guest star on Arrow this fall.

- Adam Rose, who was ultimately terminated from WWE for a domestic violence arrest, was asked his thoughts about Jerry Lawler being reinstated when domestic charges against him were dropped (charges against Rose were also dropped but he was released while they were pending). Rose tweeted this statement: Considering all that @JerryLawler has given to the biz I totally understand. You can't compare the situations. WWE was probably just looking for a reason to cut ties with Rose whereas Lawler is a tenured name they didn't want to lose. The problem is this creates a double standard that is hard to overlook. WWE is right to immediately suspend contracted talent when they are charged with domestic violence but they need to be consistent for what is next.

- TMZ Sports featured Tammy “Sunny” Sytch, who is more than 100 days sober after three months in rehab. Sunny relapsed pretty bad last June and ended up utilizing the services at Retreat at Lancaster County in Pennsylvania and Mountainside Treatment Center in Connecticut. In addition to battling addiction, Sunny was recently diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus.

- Battle News provided the attendance numbers for WWE’s two live events from Tokyo Sumo Hall in Tokyo, Japan over the weekend:

* July 1 - 8,506
* July 2 - 8,764

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  • Patrick

    now matter how bad Tammy’s life is..to bad she has type 2 Diabetes…. I wouldn’t want anyone to have that.

    • Ninja_9

      Agreed. I’ve always been glad to have the more adaptive Type 1. Given the troubles + lifestyle she has had, it could be a lot worse than Type 2 Diabetes, though.

  • Eddie Edwards

    It sucks they are gonna have Vicki on when no one is gonna be watching

    • David F

      Vicki should have been on last week’s RAW and then you can have guy that hardly anyone cares about like Teddy Long or Kane be on 4th of July RAW. At least it will be nice to see Vicki again and she will get best reaction out of all former GMs unless Foley makes an appearance

    • They get her when they can get her. She has her own life, a job and family. I’m going to enjoy seeing her and hope that she gets the reaction she deserves, because she’s fantastic.

      • Eddie Edwards

        I guess it would be awkward if she called off work and ended up on national TV lol


    “[Vince] has kicked himself for not bringing in Styles sooner”. HAHAHA coud not stop laughing for that 1.
    Too bad that they consider Seth as best suited for heel only. Because he [& AJ too] has the potential to be the Face of the brands.

  • Ricky

    Adam Rose was already suspended for a wellness violation. While he was suspended he spoke out about it. It came as no surprise when the domestic issues came up and he was let go.

    Styles and Rollins should be the top heels of their brands, that leads to the problem that Vince will still try to push Roman as a face.

  • burt gummerx

    Oh yeah that will get roman lames more support lets not punish him and put him right back into the title shot. Drugs r good mkay kids.