ROH Tenth Anniversary Show Results: Young Wolves Prove Their Worth, Kevin Steen Rolls Forward

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Welcome to our exclusive live ongoing play-by-play coverage of ROH's Tenth Anniversary. Please use the links above and below to follow along with this particular match. Continue to refresh the page for the latest updates.

The stream has begun (at least the audio portion of it). Bobby Cruise welcomes fans to Ring of Honor's Tenth Anniversary, and lets them know that things will be getting under way momentarily. He introduces the commentary team for this event, Nigel McGuinness and Kevin Kelly. This leads us into an opening video package.

When we come back into the arena, Kevin Kelly and Nigel Mcguinness are standing in the middle of the ring, and Nigel's getting a lot of love from the crowd. Cary Silken also gets a little love in the form of a chant from the crowd.

Kelly welcomes everyone to the show before introducing his broadcasting partner, Nigel McGuinness. They hype the TV Title match, the Tag Team Title match, and the main event of Davey Richards and Kyle O'Reilly vs. Eddie Edwards and Adam Cole.

Nigel says ten years ago, sports entertainment had almost won the war, but ten years later, Ring of Honor is still kicking, and it's because of the people who built the company, and the fans that supported it. It looks like we'll get tag team action to begin the show as we cut to a video package highlighting the events that have led up to the All Night Express vs. Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team

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  • Van

    Maria was probably angry because Homicide used her ex-boyfriend's finisher on current boyfriend because she could see CM Pimp doing it to him as well

    • Taker must come back soon. if not i only have Cm punk left. since Triple H is not in the ring at the time since his, COO. damn amelia sarah said. if he dont ruretn i will start to watch Tna. there Jeff hardt is. and hi is not leaving there, yet. only wish he come back to smackdown or raw..

  • Brian?You’re referring to Democrats as “DUmmies” while qtniuog the National Enquirer on political issues and asking “Dr.” Ruth for gut reactions to moral questions?

  • Bradduh Biz.. I know your nervous about Reem v Jds bc they’re aimilsr in style but Reem is more dangerous bc of knees and elbows. Brock is more of a threat bc of wrestling and TDs, but Jds will be a walk in the park for Reem no matter how humble Jds is bc he’ll be humbled if he faces Reem.. he’ll be outclassed IMO.

  • Love the article Brandon. Keep inmppug em out.I enjoyed the amount of wrestling but all the sketchy finishes and silly stuff bothered me. I hated Orton running after Barrett even though I accept that he gets angry and loses control. The reason he’s pissed is because Barrett keeps costing him matches .so wouldn’t he realize that’s what is happening? I’m a bigger Smackdown fan. I tune into Raw for Zwaggler, Punk, and Del Rio