ROH Tenth Anniversary Show Results: Young Wolves Prove Their Worth, Kevin Steen Rolls Forward

ROH World Tag Team Title Match
The Briscoe Brothers vs. The Young Bucks

The Young Bucks are the first men to make their way out to the ring, strutting cockily the whole way down to the ring. They get streamers from the crowd, but it's also a pretty mixed reaction.

The Briscoe's are out next, and unsurprisingly, the New York City fans love Dem Boys. They get a huge pop as they make their way out to the ring for their title defense.

During the Briscoe's introductions, they're jumped from behind by the Bucks. The Bucks beat on the Briscoe's in the corners before stomping away at them. They take their time to taunt the crowd, but turn right around into dual clotheslines from the Briscoe's. Matt goes to the outside, but Nick ends up taking a huge double hip toss over the top and to the outside, on top of his brother. The Briscoe's follow and Jay slams Nick into the barricade. Matt gets suplexed on the ring apron by Mark and Nick eats a suplex on the entrance ramp from Jay. Mark hits Matt with another suplex on the floor, and continues to beat on him, sitting him down in a ringside chair and hitting him with head butts. Matt tries to turn it around, but he's attacked from behind by Jay.

Mark Briscoe slams Nick into the barricade, and Jay and Matt fight in the ring. Jay hits Matt with a low single leg dropkick to the face that sends him to the outside. Mark hits a belly to back suplex, laying Matt down on the apron and sending him back into the ring. Jay slams Matt's head into the turnbuckle before turning him around and hitting him with a couple of nasty chops to the chest. Mark tags in and the Briscoe's beat on Matt in the corner before sending him across the ring and hitting dual charging clotheslines, a dropkick to the face, and a face wash kick to Matt in the corner.

Mark picks Matt up and punches away in the corner before hitting a big suplex that's good for a near fall. Jay tags back into the match and Dem Boys hit a double shoulder block to Matt to lay him out. Jay picks Matt up and hits him with a nasty uppercut before just hitting him with huge clubbing rights to the back. Jay hits the ropes, but he's pulled to the outside by Nick. He gives chase, and this allows Matt to hit a dropkick that sends Jay out to the floor, crashing into the barricade.

Nick sends Jay back into the ring, where he's met with punches and kicks from Matt. Nick tags in and hits a double ax handle smash to Jay's back. Nick hits Jay with a back elbow in the corner. Mark makes a blind tag and is able to catch Nick with a running kick. Matt comes into the ring, and the Briscoe's double team him. Matt is able to send Mark to the outside, and distract Jay long enough for Nick to hit a spinning enzugiri. Nick teases a dive, but he's caught with a forearm to the face from Mark. Mark hits Matt with big Mongolian chops, sending him into the corner.

Matt backdrops Mark, but Mark lands on his feet. Nick hits Mark with a superkick to the face before leaping out on top of Jay. Matt rakes Mark's eyes, and distracts the ref so Nick can scrape his face across the top rope. Nick holds Mark in the corner so Matt can hit a back handspring back rake. The Bucks taunt the crowd, and Mark attacks. The Bucks are able to put Mark back down in the corner, where Matt stomps away at him repeatedly. Nick chokes Mark across the bottom of the rope while mugging for the camera. Nick tags in to the match and trades rights with Mark, but he tags right back out to Matt who comes in and buries his shoulder in Mark's gut in the corner. Mark is able to fight back with punches and head butts before making the tag to Jay. Jay comes in with a big clothesline to Matt and Mark follows with a shotgun dropkick. Jay stomps on Matt in the corner. Mark catches Nick coming in off a springboard and hits him with a big suplex before Jay hits a reverse STO, putting his head into his brothers' crotch.

The Briscoe's hit a powerbomb/neckbreaker combo on Matt, but it's not enough to keep him down. Nick is able to pull Mark from the ring and hit Jay with a face buster before heading back outside with a moonsault on Mark. Matt and Jay fight in the ring and Jay shoulders Matt, but Matt fights out. The Bucks catch Jay with dual kicks to the head in the corner before Nick holds Jay propped up with the middle rope and Matt hits a 450 that's good for another two count. Jay makes it up to his feet and hits both Bucks with big forearms. Jay blocks a superkick and throws Nick's foot into Matt's face. The Bucks are able to come back with a double superkick to Jay, but the pin is broken up by Mark. Mark and Nick fight to the outside and Nick hits a superkick to put Mark down.

The Bucks call for More Bang for your Buck. When Nick goes for the 450, Jay gets his knees up and Mark sends Matt from the ring. The Briscoe's hit the doomsday device, and pin Nick for the three count.

Winners and STILL ROH World Tag Team Champions: The Briscoe Brothers

Jay Briscoe makes sure to give Cary Silkin a hug on his way out, as does Mark, paying respect to the man who helped make ROH what it is today.

Kevin Kelly talks about what an honor it is to be part of ROH. He throws out thanks to everyone, from the crew, to the wrestlers, to the boys in the back.

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    Maria was probably angry because Homicide used her ex-boyfriend's finisher on current boyfriend because she could see CM Pimp doing it to him as well

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  • Brian?You’re referring to Democrats as “DUmmies” while qtniuog the National Enquirer on political issues and asking “Dr.” Ruth for gut reactions to moral questions?

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  • Love the article Brandon. Keep inmppug em out.I enjoyed the amount of wrestling but all the sketchy finishes and silly stuff bothered me. I hated Orton running after Barrett even though I accept that he gets angry and loses control. The reason he’s pissed is because Barrett keeps costing him matches .so wouldn’t he realize that’s what is happening? I’m a bigger Smackdown fan. I tune into Raw for Zwaggler, Punk, and Del Rio