ROH Tenth Anniversary Show Results: Young Wolves Prove Their Worth, Kevin Steen Rolls Forward

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We get a video package that details the events, and the building animosity between the four men in the next match; Davey Richards, Kyle O'Reilly, Eddie Edwards, and Adam Cole.

Davey Richards and Kyle O'Reilly vs. Eddie Edwards and Adam Cole

Edwards and Cole make their way out to the ring first, and as per usual, the fans in NYC are more than happy to see Eddie Edwards. I'm guessing Cole is popular too, but Edwards popularity in NYC is absolutely undeniable.

Richards and O'Reilly are out next, and they get a mostly positive, but much more mixed reaction than Edwards and Cole.

The Code of Honor is followed by everyone, although Edwards and Richards don't shake hands with each other. It looks like Cole and Kyle are going to kick things off for their respective teams.

Richards tags himself in before we get any action. Edwards asks for the tag, but it looks like Cole wants to handle things himself. Edwards eventually does tag himself in, and the former American Wolves look to kick things off. It's not to be though, as Cole tags himself back in.

We get a lock up and Richards backs Cole into the corner, breaking clean. Richards locks in an arm bar, and takes Cole down to the mat quickly. Cole uses his speed to get out of the wristlock, locking in one of his own. They trade holds for a bit before Cole is able to connect with a dropkick to Richards' face.

Another lock up and Davey goes right into a headlock. Cole fights it off, but eats a shoulder block from the champ. Cole is able to roll up Davey, but Davey turns it around. Both men trade near falls, but neither goes down for more than two. Cole teases a superkick, but Davey falls to the mat to avoid the blow.

Another lock up, and Davey goes behind. Cole trades places, going behind Davey, only to be taken down to the mat and put into a head scissors. Cole fights out of the hold, only to be put right back in it. Cole gets out again and both men get to their feet. Edwards tags in and Richards is quick to back off, tagging out to Kyle.

Edwards and Kyle lock up and Edwards and Kyle trade holds of their own before getting up for a stand-off. Edwards and Kyle lock hands, jockeying for position. Both men struggle to gain an advantage, going as far as to head butt each other. Edwards whips Kyle down to the mat and tries for a pin, but O'Reilly won't stay down for three. Kyle kicks Edwards up and monkey flips him, so Eddie returns in kind. Kyle tries for the kimura, but Eddie almost counters with the STF. Neither man can lock it in though.

Cole tags back into the match, and so does Richards. Richards catches Cole with a couple of quick kicks to the gut and chest, before he takes him into the corner and hits him with even more kicks. Cole gives Richards the runaround, but he runs right into a big dropkick. Kyle tags into the match and takes Cole right down to the mat with a headlock takeover. Cole fights out and ducks a kick from Kyle and both men get up for another stand-off.

Cole hits Kyle with a couple of big shoulder blocks to take him down to the mat, but Kyle responds right away with a belly to back suplex. Richards tags in, and goes right into a trailer hitch.

Cole is able to make it to the ropes to break the hold. Richards beats on Cole in the corner for a bit before charging him. Cole gets his foot up to catch Richards in the face, then launches himself from the second rope into Richards. Edwards tags in and lays in with a blistering chop in the corner. Richards and Edwards trade forearms, and Eddie lays in with another chop that sends Davey to the mat. Cole tags back into the match and snap mares Richards before hitting him with a low dropkick to the face for a near fall.

Cole hits a floatover suplex for another two count. Edwards tags in and hits Kyle with a cheap shot before Edwards and Cole sends Richards into the corner. Richards is able to avoid a splash and go through Eddie's legs, and hit a Northern lights suplex to pin both men. Kyle makes the tag and hits Edwards with a couple of big heavy kicks. A series of strikes and kicks take Edwards down to the mat for a one count.

Kyle charges Eddie in the corner and eats a boot, but Davey comes in right behind with a running forearm before leaping to the outside with a suicide dive to Cole. Kyle takes Eddie up in the corner and hits a top rope belly to back suplex. Kyle goes for the pin but Eddie kicks out, so Kyle goes right into the cross arm breaker. Edwards fights up to his feet and transitions into the single leg crab, but Kyle is able counter, locking in the crossface. Edwards rolls up Kyle and Kyle is forced to break the hold. Edwards hits Kyle with a big chop to the chest, but runs into a bicycle kick. Edwards and Kyle trade chops and kicks respectively. Both men block the other, but Kyle gets a kick to the gut and follows it up with a Regal-plex for another two count.

Kyle hits the ropes and Edwards responds with a giant lariat, and both men are down. Cole is able to tag into the match, and he comes in and shoulders Kyle. Kyle fights out of the hold, but eats a big clothesline from Cole for another two count. Cole whips Kyle across the ring and catches him across the shoulders, bringing him down with a neckbreaker across Cole's knee that's good for a near fall.

Kyle and Cole trade forearms in the middle of the ring. Cole hits a clothesline so Kyle hits a high knee. Richards tags himself in and hits a quick kick to the chest to put down Cole for another near fall. Davey hammerlocks Cole's arm and locks him in the cloverleaf, wrenching back. Kyle chases Eddie off before putting Davey in a rear chin lock to add to the pressure for Cole.

Kyle snap mares Cole before hitting him with a big knee drop to the face. Richards tags back in and Cole tries to fight back, hitting him with rights, but Davey puts him down to the mat with one big blow to the side of the head. Cole and Richards trade forearms in the middle of the ring, and Richards puts Cole down with a boot to the midsection.

Kyle tags into the ring and kicks at Cole's head before wrenching Cole's arm and driving it down across his own shoulder. Kyle hits a butterfly underhook suplex, then follows it up with a second and third. Kyle goes for a submission but Cole rolls him up for a two count. Richards tags back into the match and he and Kyle goes for a double belly to back suplex. Cole lands on his feet and fights off both men, ducking an enzugiri from Richards, leading to Richards hitting Kyle. Cole does some extensive set up, making Richards DDT Kyle when Cole hits a neckbreaker on Richards. Edwards tags in and heads right to the top, hitting a double missile dropkick. Edwards hits Davey with a big chop in the corner before sending him across the ring and hititng another. Edwards hits a nice fisherman buster, but it's only good for two.

Edwards tries for something, but it's broken up by Kyle. Edwards is able to evade both men, and he and Cole hit both their opponents with knees to the face that send them to the outside. Edwards backdrops Cole over the top rope onto Richards and Kyle before Eddie heads out to the apron and hits an asai moonsault on top of everyone.

Edwards sends Richards back into the ring and follows. He charges into the corner but he's met with a boot to the face. Eddie comes right back with a backpack chinbreaker and Cole follows with an immediate splash, but they still can't keep Richards down for the three count. Edwards picks Richards up and tries for a suplex but Richards fights it off, only to run into a big chop to the chest. Edwards hits a sit out belly to back suplex that's good for another two count. Cole holds Richards so Edwards can hit a superkick, but it's blocked. Richards fights off Cole, gets rid of Edwards, and locks in the ankle lock on Cole. Edwards tries to fight him off, but Davey won't let go. Eddie hits the ropes and turns around into a guillotine choke. Edwards fights out and locks in a single leg crab on Kyle, Davey locks in the same on Cole. Edwards and Richards slap each other while maintaining the hold. Edwards and Richards both break to slap each other. Cole and Kyle hit belly to back suplexes on their opponents before hitting each other with simultaneous clotheslines, then simply beating on each other with repeated rights.

Cole hits Kyle with a clothesline over the top that sends both men tumbling to the outside. Edwards goes for a suplex but Richards lands on his feet. Richards goes for a suplex but Edwards lands on his feet. Edwards hits a superkick, but Richards turns it around and plants Eddie on the mat and everyone is down.

Cole and Kyle both make the tag, and they stare each other down before running in with big boots. They both hit a second big boot before slapping each other. They both go to hit the ropes, but they're stopped by their opponents, and both are suplexed over the top rope and to the outside.

Everyone is slow to make their way up to their feet and the crowd is loving every minute of this match. Everyone is able to make it back into the ring, and Richards and Cole pair off, while Kyle and Eddie fight in another corner. Edwards and Richards beat on their opponents to try and one up each other. They lay in with chops and kicks on their opponents before turning their attention to each other. Eddie hits chops, and Davey hits kicks, and both men won't stand down.

Richards is able to put Edwards down with a big clothesline, but both men took a ton of damage in that exchange. Cole and Kyle are on their feet, and Cole rips off his wrist tape. Cole and Kyle trade forearms in the middle of the ring. Kyle hits a bicycle kick, so Cole responds with one of his own. Kyle hits a German suplex, so Cole hits one of his own. Kyle hits a roaring forearm, so Cole comes back with his own. Cole hits a superkick, and Kyle comes back with repeated slaps to the face, not slowing down for anything. Cole jumps a leg sweep and connects with a superkick that's good for another two count.

Cole sends Richards from the apron. Eddie comes off the second rope with a code breaker to Kyle, and Cole follows up with a lungblower, but Kyle still will not stay down. Cole shoulders Kyle, but Kyle fights out and hits Cole with a big boot to the side of the head. He stops Eddie from climbing the ropes and he follows up after him. Edwards shoulders Kyle and hits a sit out slam from the second rope. Edwards hit a chop to the face, Cole hits a superkick, and they follow up with one in tandem, but Richards is able to break up the pin attempt.

Cole picks Kyle to his feet and throws him into the corner. Edwards whips Cole into Kyle right into his boot. Kyle back drops Edwards to the outside. Richards tags in and blasts Edwards with a kick. Richards goes to the top and hits a doublestomp. Kyle hits a diving dropkick to the outside to Edwards and Richards hits another top rope move, but Cole won't stay down. Richards hits Cole with a series of kicks to the chest and face before hitting a modified arm trap German suplex for another two count, but Edwards breaks it up.

Cole blocks a kick from Richards and hits him with a nasty punch. Kyle picks up Cole for a suplex and Richards blasts him with a kick to the face. Richards gets a two count and locks in the ankle lock. Cole fights off the ankle lock and Edwards is in with a double stomp to the back of Richards' head. Edwards locks in the Achilles lock, but Richards kicks him away. Edwards pops Davey up and Cole hits a superkick. Cole hits a German and Edwards rolls through for a pin on Davey, but Richards kicks out!

Edwards seats Richards on the top turnbuckle before slapping at him. Edwards follows up and tries for a superplex, but Richards is able to fight him off. Edwards hits him with a knee to the side of the head, and both men stand on the top. Eddie hits a top rope hurricanrana before he and Cole hit a powerbomb/lungblower combo. Kyle is able to break up the pin. Kyle hits both his opponents with forearms, slaps and kicks, but he hits the ropes and walks into a double big boot from Edwards and Cole.

Cole tornado DDT's Kyle from the top turnbuckle out to the floor through a ringside table. Richards catches Edwards with a roll up, but Edwards tries to counter. Davey locks in the ankle lock, so Edwards counters with a roll up. Edwards catches Davey with a big boot, and goes for a code breaker from the second rope, but Eddie counters into the ankle lock. Edwards kicks it off and tags in Cole. Cole hits Davey with a cross body from the top rope and pins him, holding on tight. Cole gets the three count!

Winners: Eddie Edwards and Adam Cole

Cole looks shocked as Edwards is right there to congratulate him. Richards doesn't look like he can believe it either. This match just made two new stars in Adam Cole and Kyle O'Reilly. Both men could easily main event any ROH show after that performance.

Richards has a mic. He tries to say something to Cole, but it looks like he's at a loss for words. Richards drops to his knee and extends his hand, saying congratulations. Richards offers his hand to Edwards, and Edwards accepts.

Kyle grabs the mic from Richards. He says he doesn't shake the hand of people he doesn't respect. He says he doesn't respect Edwards or Cole.

Richards goes to say something, but it's interrupted by Kevin Steen. Steen says he doesn't respect any of them, and he'll be d----- if this show ends with a Davey Richards b---- fest. Steen says this is Kevin Steen time!

Steen says he wishes he had a Colt 45 to shoot Davey riht now. He also says Young Wolves Rising is the worst name he's ever heard. He says the show should have been names "Steen steals the show". He calls out Cole and Kyle, saying they're young and cute, but they're not the future, because Steen is the future. He says everyone knows that the real main event should have been Steen vs. Richards for the ROH World Title.

Steen says a lot of people think Richards is scared, but Steen knows Davey isn't scared. Jim Cornette is scared of Steen. Steen says that Richards is the one person who can change Cornette's mind. He says until Davey gets that match to happen, he's going to be Davey Richards' personal nightmare. He says he'll haunt Richards until the match is made. He tells Richards to make it happen before taking a quick shot at the Rock in the process (I'd type what he said, but we're a family website).

Kyle leaves the ring and heads straight to the back. Richards stares at where Steen was for a long time before heading to the back himself. The iPPV ends with Richards sitting on the apron looking dejected before heading to the back.

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