ROH Tenth Anniversary Show Results: Young Wolves Prove Their Worth, Kevin Steen Rolls Forward

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Mike Bennett vs. Homicide

Bennett is the first man to make his way out to the ring, accompanied by Brutal Bob and Maria. The fans don't seem too excited to see Bennett.

Bennett has a mic and antagonizes the crowd, saying he has this, and the people in the crowd have nothing. The crowd chants for CM Punk (Maria's ex). Bennett says he's the best in the world, because he's from Boston and he's wicked smart. He has Brutal Bob and Maria. The crowd wants him to shut up. Bennett says he's going to do to Homicide what he should do to the fans, and that's take a crap on him and show him what New York really is.

This brings out Homicide, who makes his way out to a big pop. Homicide rushes the ring and begins attacking Bennett immediately.

Bennett bails to the outside to catch his breath and allow Homicide a bit of time to posture in the ring for the crowd. Bennett isn't too happy about the ambush.

Bennett pulls Homicide out of the ring, so Homicide slams him into one of the ringside barricades before tossing a chair into the ring. Homicide bites away at Bennett's ear, and the crowd loves it. Homicide back rakes Bennett, chasing him all the way around the ring.

Homicide sends things back into the ring. He heads in after Bennett, and Bennett is quick to beg off. Homicide smiles and stalks Bennett in the corner, but he catches a boot to the stomach and a right to the face. Homicide heads out to the apron and gets tangled in the ropes, allowing Bennett to hit him with repeated rights. Bennett whips Homicide across the ring, but misses a splash, and gets an exploder suplex for his troubles. Bennett rolls to the outside, so Homicide goes for a tope con heilo. Brutal Bob pushes Bennett out of the way and sacrifices himself to Homicide's dive.

Bennett gets back up to his feet and whips Homicide into the barricade before taking Homicide back into the ring. Bennett hits a couple of big rights before hitting a suplex for a two count. Bennett heads to the outside and catches Homicide with another right to the side of the face while Homicide crawls toward the apron. Bennett heads back in and takes Homicide into the corner, hitting him with big elbows. Bennett whips Homicide across the ring and runs in after him with a clothesline before hitting a textbook dropkick.

Bennett hits a snap mare and follows up with a big elbow drop. Bennett hits Homicide with another right to the face, and shrugs off a kick to the chest before hitting a huge spinebuster. Bennett rips off Homicide's Yankee's shirt and uses it to wipe himself before tossing it from the ring. Homicide comes back with a series of chops and reverses a spinebuster, landing on his feet and countering with an ace crusher.

Both men take their time getting up, and when they do, they trade rights in the middle of the ring. The crowd is totally behind Homicide. Bennett gets the better of the punches, but Homicide comes right back with a powerbomb! Homicide locks in an STF, but breaks pretty quickly.

Homicide hits Bennett with a back elbow before heading up to the top. Bennett stops Homicide and follows up the ropes after him. Bennett tries for a superplex, but Homicide fights it off with head butts. Homicide teases the Cop Killer from the top, but Bennett fights that off and back drops Homicide to the mat. Homicide comes right back with a big neckbreaker.

Homicide signals for the Cop Killer, but goes for the Go To Sleep instead. Maria distracts Homicide, but Homicide sees the trap and avoids a charging Bennett. Homicide hits Bennett with the Go to Sleep, and Maria is furious, trying to get back into the ring. The distraction allows Bennett to roll up Homicide from behind for the three count.

Winner: Mike Bennett

Homicide attacks Bennett after the bell, until he's attacked from behind by Brutal Bob. It doesn't take much for him to be able to send Bob from the ring, and eventually, it's only Maria and Homicide left in the ring. Maria tries to escape, and Bennett and Bob grab her arms, and Homicide grabs her legs. They play tug of war for a bit, before Homicide lets go and lets the heels escape.

Homicide has a mic, he calls Bennett Mr. Fenway, and Maria a skank. Homicide leads the crowd in a "Let's go Yankee's" chant, which the crowd loves.

Homicide also gives out a little love for the NY Giants. He says it's a pleasure to be in New York City, and to be working for the greatest promotion in the world. He says Happy Birthday to Ring of Honor before leading the crowd in an "ROH" chant.

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  • Van

    Maria was probably angry because Homicide used her ex-boyfriend's finisher on current boyfriend because she could see CM Pimp doing it to him as well

    • Taker must come back soon. if not i only have Cm punk left. since Triple H is not in the ring at the time since his, COO. damn amelia sarah said. if he dont ruretn i will start to watch Tna. there Jeff hardt is. and hi is not leaving there, yet. only wish he come back to smackdown or raw..

  • Brian?You’re referring to Democrats as “DUmmies” while qtniuog the National Enquirer on political issues and asking “Dr.” Ruth for gut reactions to moral questions?

  • Bradduh Biz.. I know your nervous about Reem v Jds bc they’re aimilsr in style but Reem is more dangerous bc of knees and elbows. Brock is more of a threat bc of wrestling and TDs, but Jds will be a walk in the park for Reem no matter how humble Jds is bc he’ll be humbled if he faces Reem.. he’ll be outclassed IMO.

  • Love the article Brandon. Keep inmppug em out.I enjoyed the amount of wrestling but all the sketchy finishes and silly stuff bothered me. I hated Orton running after Barrett even though I accept that he gets angry and loses control. The reason he’s pissed is because Barrett keeps costing him matches .so wouldn’t he realize that’s what is happening? I’m a bigger Smackdown fan. I tune into Raw for Zwaggler, Punk, and Del Rio