ROH Tenth Anniversary Show Results: Young Wolves Prove Their Worth, Kevin Steen Rolls Forward

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Nigel and Kevin Kelly continue to talk about what makes Ring of Honor special, and that's the older guys helping the younger guys come up and make their names. Kevin Kelly says he's got a special interview coming up, before throwing it to the ring. Bobby Cruise welcomes the CHIKARA Grand Champion, Eddie Kingston.

Eddie Kingston makes his way out to the ring to a nice pop from the crowd. That's pretty unsurprising since he's a New York native. Kingston gets several "Welcome Back" chants from the crowd.

Kevin Kelly wants to announce that ROH will now be co-promoting events, and the first event they'll be co-promoting is an event in Chicago where ROH will be working with CHIKARA for "Synergy"

Kingston says it feels great to be in ROH, to be in New York, and to see the people in the back. He says there was one person in the back that he's extremely excited to see, and that's Davey Richards. Kingston has an idea, but he can't even get it out before he's interrupted by a wolf howl, but it's not Davey Richards, it's Kevin Steen!

Steen comes out to the ring with a tennis racket, eating a banana, and wearing a tuxedo t-shirt with the sleeves cut off. This man is amazing! It's worth noting that Steen's tennis racket has a picture of Davey Richards on it.

Steen says honestly, it's really good to see Kingston. He asks what happened. He asks when Eddie became such a b----? What he means by that, is that he heard what Kingston had to say about coming back to ROH. Steen takes a little bit of time to run down a fan in the crowd, which is awesome. Steen says that Kingston was in ROH, but then Jim Cornette took over, and he disappeared. Steen says that can't be what Eddie really thinks. He says Kingston is cut from the same cloth that he is. He knows a lot of people would love to see Kingston and Steen fight, but more probably want to see him and Steen team up to tear apart the wrestling business. Steen says together they can tear down CHIKARA and ROH, and build them both back how they should be. Kingston says he doesn't want to destroy CHIKARA, because it's his home. He doesn't want to destroy ROH either, he's not about destroying anything.

Steen says ROH was the best until Cornette took over. Steen says CHIKARA is a BS Mickey Mouse promotion. He says if Kingston has a problem with the ROH World Champion, he should talk to Steen since he's going to have the belt soon.

Kingston grabs the mic and sends Kelly from the ring. He says he'll beat Steen like he doesn't know him. Kingston says that promotion means everything to him, and Steen better shut his mouth.

Steen says he's not one to start trouble, and he may have been out of line. He says he didn't come here to fight Kingston, but things break down immediately and both men begin trading rights. The locker room empties and people come out to try and pull Steen and Kingston apart.

Steen breaks out to attack Kingston a couple of times before Kingston is pulled from the ring. Steen is in the ring alone and he's got the CHIKARA Grand Championship. Steen puts the belt down in the ring and acts like he's going to pee on it, but CHIKARA wrestlers including the Colony and Jigsaw come out to break things up. They pull Steen from the ring and beat on him before Fire Ant hits a front flip springboard senton to the outside on top of everyone.

Steen is the first man to get to his feet and he grabs the tennis racket. Steen and the CHIKARA wrestlers all fight to the back.

Kevin Kelly and Nigel are shocked at ringside before they begin running down the next match on the card that will see Amazing Red and TJ Perkins taking on the House of Truth.

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  • Van

    Maria was probably angry because Homicide used her ex-boyfriend's finisher on current boyfriend because she could see CM Pimp doing it to him as well

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  • Love the article Brandon. Keep inmppug em out.I enjoyed the amount of wrestling but all the sketchy finishes and silly stuff bothered me. I hated Orton running after Barrett even though I accept that he gets angry and loses control. The reason he’s pissed is because Barrett keeps costing him matches .so wouldn’t he realize that’s what is happening? I’m a bigger Smackdown fan. I tune into Raw for Zwaggler, Punk, and Del Rio