ROH Tenth Anniversary Show Results: Young Wolves Prove Their Worth, Kevin Steen Rolls Forward

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Amazing Red and TJ Perkins vs. The House of Truth

Michael Elgin and Roderick Strong make their way out to the ring with Truth Martini in tow. They get a bit of a mixed reaction, and I'm guessing most of the boos are probably directed squarely at Truth Martini.

TJ Perkins makes his way out first to a nice pop from the crowd. He's followed very shortly after by Amazing Red, who gets a huge pop from this NYC crowd in his return.

Roderick follows the Code of Honor with Red, but blows off Perkins, and Elgin just doesn't even attempt to shake hands.

Perkins and Strong start things off for their respective teams. They chain wrestle for a bit, trading holds on the mat before both getting back to their feet. Strong works over TJ's wrist and arm, but Perkins is able to use his speed to escape the hold and hit a nice dropkick.

Elgin makes the tag, and so does Red, bringing in new men for both teams. Red tries to shake Elgin's hand, but Elgin just stares him down. Elgin and Red lock up, and Elgin simply tosses Red aside. Red goes behind Elgin and is tossed away again. Red gets the crowd behind him before hitting Elgin with a couple of right hands. Elgin blocks an Irish whip. Elgin goes for a belly to back suplex but it's reversed. Red takes Elgin to the mat and hits him with a series of dropkicks to the face that send him to the outside. Roddy is in, and Red hits him with arm drags and a big hurricanrana to send him to the outside.

Both men tease dives, but their opponents are in, so they hit springboard cross body's instead. Elgin and Perkins trade blows, and Perkins is able to sneak in a couple of quick kicks. Elgin sends Perkins to the outside, and when Perkins tries to come back in with a springboard move, Elgin catches him with a powerslam for a two count. Elgin picks up TJ and hits him with two back to back backbreakers.

Roddy takes TJ into the corner and beats on him before hitting him with a belly to back suplex. Roddy heads to his own corner and tags in Elgin who comes in and continues the beat down on Perkins in the corner with a big clubbing blow. Elgin charges Perkins in the corner, but Perkins gets his feet up. Perkins tries for a tornado DDT, but Elgin stops it mid move and transitions into a huge slam. Elgin tags out to Roderick Strong and both men charge TJ in the corner with a clothesline and forearm. Roddy hits a big urunage backbreaker for two before locking in a camel clutch.

TJ fights out of the hold but runs right into a big dropkick from Strong. Red is able to break up the pin, so Elgin tags in. Elgin cheap shots Red in the corner. Elgin and Roddy try to double team TJ, but he's able to reverse and send Strong running into Elgin. Red makes the tag and comes in with a double missile dropkick before hitting both men with back heel kicks. Red hits Elgin with a huge spinning DDT that's good for a two count. Red hits Strong with a big spinkick to the face. Elgin tries for a powerbomb, but TJ blocks it with an enzugiri. Elgin runs out to the apron, and Red hits a step up dropkick off TJ's back to send Elgin to the floor. Red hits a suicide dive but he's caught by Elgin, so Perkins dives out too and knocks both men down. Perkins and Red are back in the ring and they dive out on the other side on top of Roddy and Truth.

Red heads up to the top and hits a shotgun missile dropkick to Elgin. Perkins hits one as well, but Elgin won't go down. Red hits the code red on Elgin, but Strong breaks up the pin. Strong and Perkins trade chops, strikes, kicks and knees in the center of the ring. Strong takes Perkins down, but Red comes right back with a series of spinkicks to the gut. Red tries for a sunset bomb on Roddy, but he can't get all of it. Roddy hits a gutbuster and Elgin follows up with a giant lariat, but Red won't stay down for three!

Roddy makes his way in and they go to double team Red, but TJ is able to break things up. TJ shoulders Elgin, but Elgin fights out. Elgin catches Red out of mid-air, and Roddy comes in with a lungblower with Elgin hits an Alabama slam, and Red is finally down for the count.

Winnners: The House of Truth

What a match! That one will definitely be worth a re-watch. The House of Truth make their way to the back, and Red gets a lot of love from the crowd, eliciting a "Please come back" chant.

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  • Van

    Maria was probably angry because Homicide used her ex-boyfriend's finisher on current boyfriend because she could see CM Pimp doing it to him as well

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  • Brian?You’re referring to Democrats as “DUmmies” while qtniuog the National Enquirer on political issues and asking “Dr.” Ruth for gut reactions to moral questions?

  • Bradduh Biz.. I know your nervous about Reem v Jds bc they’re aimilsr in style but Reem is more dangerous bc of knees and elbows. Brock is more of a threat bc of wrestling and TDs, but Jds will be a walk in the park for Reem no matter how humble Jds is bc he’ll be humbled if he faces Reem.. he’ll be outclassed IMO.

  • Love the article Brandon. Keep inmppug em out.I enjoyed the amount of wrestling but all the sketchy finishes and silly stuff bothered me. I hated Orton running after Barrett even though I accept that he gets angry and loses control. The reason he’s pissed is because Barrett keeps costing him matches .so wouldn’t he realize that’s what is happening? I’m a bigger Smackdown fan. I tune into Raw for Zwaggler, Punk, and Del Rio