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ROH TV Review 2-28-21


Hello everyone, my name is Brendan Bradley, and welcome to the first of a review series here on Wrestling News World. Looking at the weekly episodes of Ring Of Honor Television, starting with this week's “championship edition” with two significant matches!


Match 1. ROH World Tag Team Championships

Pure Rules Dragon Lee and Kenny King VS Jay Lethal and Jonathan Gresham

We kick off this evening with a pure rules tag team championship match featuring four top talents in ROH. For those unfamiliar with pure rules in the tag team format, they are the following.

  • 3 rope breaks per team.
  • No closed fists
  • (Teams are allowed one, second is a disqualification)
  • If your partner breaks up a pin or submission, you lose a rope-break.

This match was very simple, but the story was told in a great way as Dragon and King bent the rules to their advantage throughout using their speed and dirty tricks to offset the tag team experience and grappling techniques of Lethal and Gresham. I enjoyed this and thought this played to the strengths of everyone involved.

I’m glad to see Pure Rules adding a new wrinkle to Ring Of Honors storytelling and can’t wait to see what’s next for Dragon Lee and Kenny King after their monumental victory last night.

Main Event.

ROH World Championship.

RUSH VS Shane Taylor


Now our main-event of the evening is a colossal clash between two dangerously unpredictable brawlers as Shane Taylor, fresh off his shocking trios championship win last week, looks to add more gold to his collection as he battles the near-unstoppable RUSH in a highly anticipated match-up.

This was the definition of a physical and brutal brawl, and honestly, it did exactly what it was supposed to do from a storytelling standpoint. Some of these near-falls convinced me it was over on both sides of the coin. While I will admit I am more of a purist from a wrestling stand-point, and I’m not a big fan of crazy brawls usually, this still felt important, and it was better than I anticipated going into it!

Excellent stuff here, the babyface turn of Shane Taylor looks to be complete, and I’m excited to find out who RUSHs next challenger is next week!


Thank you for reading this article; as always, I appreciate your support, and I hope to see you back here next week. (These reviews will be posted Saturdays at 10:PM from now on, I just had issues with my TV. that prevented that from happening this week) you may follow me on Twitter here. @coolguysince01

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