Davey Richards Finished With ROH Wrestling

Ring of Honor

Davey Richards is finished with Ring of Honor and won't be on the company's Final Battle show on December 14, 2013. Below is a comment from his Facebook:

With a heavy heart I can announce I announce that myself and ROH have parted ways for good and I will not be at Final Battle. Please continue to support them and the incredible talent they have. Thanks for the memories. It was an amazing ride.

Richards' status with Ring of Honor has been up in the air over the past month. The company yanked him from shows in Ohio and Michigan for comments he made in an interview with Total Wrestling Magazine. While the publication has removed the initial comments and followed-up with a retraction, below is what he said:

Do you think changing the tag titles on three separate shows helped the ROH tag team division in any way?

“Nah. Those belts don’t mean nothing anymore, anyway.”

You’ve been ROH Champion yourself ? what are your thoughts on what it means to be at the top of the tree and the responsibility that comes with it?

“In my opinion that title has been devalued vastly for the last few years. The booking of it has been really substandard and screwy. It helps guys get bookings when they’re holding it, but it’s kind of a death touch because you work hard to get it and then it’s like you realize how screwy things become. And now the booking is so screwy with it, it’s just like a piece of metal, unfortunately. It has a rich history: I mean, look at the guys who have held it. Most of them have been very deserving in my opinion.”

The excerpts come courtesy of ROHWorld.com.

The word going around is that Richards was informed he wouldn't be on Final Battle, upon which point he made the above comments. He's been rumored to be headed to WWE but is also dealing with a neck injury.

Eddie Edwards, on the other hand, is still booked for Final Battle later this month.

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