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Kevin Kelly Discusses Cody Rhodes In ROH, WWE Going After Talent

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Former WWE creative writer Kevin Eck interviewed Kevin Kelly to promote tomorrow night’s Ring of Honor “Final Battle” pay-per-view, which will take place from the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City.

Several topics were addressed, including the name of Cody Rhodes, The Young Bucks as the hottest tag team in wrestling and whether or not WWE was set to raid the ROH talent roster. Below are some excerpts:

KE: I want to ask you about Cody Rhodes. By the way, can we refer to him as Cody Rhodes or do we have to just call him Cody? (Note: WWE owns the name "Cody Rhodes.")

KK: You can call him whatever you want.

KE: What will you be calling him at "Final Battle?"

KK: I'm going to call him Cody Rhodes. I think it's something that we're kind of consciously avoiding because there is some question about it, but I think it's silly to avoid it. I will most definitely call him by his chosen name.

On WWE raiding the ROH talent roster:

We look at it in one respect as flattery. Certainly, imitation is its most sincere form. We look at the number of opportunities we have given to stars throughout the years, and for each departure, we have found stars equal to or greater than those they replaced. We also are very committed to making sure that all of our potential free agents are presented with comparable contract offers, and we look for Ring of Honor to be a promotion of choice. We look for athletes that want to be here because they want to prove themselves against the very best. We know that for every roster spot that opens up, there's an opportunity for someone new to step in and captivate the imagination of the fan base. We're very excited about where talent is positioned for 2017 and beyond, and we're actively locking up key members of our roster right now. The more that our competition pushes us, the more that it drives us, but we're motivated by our own goals, and we have long-term plans in place for taking Ring of Honor to bigger and bigger heights. We feel very confident with our strategies and with our ability to re-sign and retain those who want to be here.

Click here for the interview in its entirety.

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