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Kevin Sullivan Criticizes Ring of Honor's Business Model

Ring of Honor

Former WCW legend and booker Kevin Sullivan was a guest on Interactive Wrestling Radio and talked a bit about Ring of Honor and why it has basically become 'uncool' to fans at this point.

While Sullivan praised talents like Jay LethalCodyDalton Castle and Jay Briscoe with very high regard, he complained that Sinclair Broadcasting is doing a terrible job running the company and noted that they aren't even a high draw anymore.

Noting the differences between ROH and the upcoming All In event in September, Sullivan said that ROH had 1,600 in attendance in Chicago with Cody and all of the Bullet Club boys while the latter event sold 11,000 tickets in about a half-hour. Sullivan also noted that the only thing All In advertised was that the Bullet Club would be in attendance when the tickets quickly sold out.

Sullivan's biggest issue was the way in which the show's timeslot is never consistent across all markets, which means they can never really know how the ratings are doing and book angles accordingly:

"So, if you and I shoot an angle on segment 2, I can't tell you if that angle got over or not. These people are booking with their hands tied and blindfolded. How can you progress not knowing if you're succeeding or not? The main thing with Sinclair is politics. Wrestling is not a fly on an elephant's ass - It is a gnat on the fly on the elephant's ass! I don't know how you can expect these guys doing the writing to know if they are succeeding or not. That tells me they, Sinclair, really don't care. They just need to fill an hour segment or a 2-hour segment."

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