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Live Report From Ring Of Honor Border Wars 2013


Wrestling News World reader Adam Robinson sent in the following live report from Ring of Honor Border Wars 2013:

Before the show they had the usual meet and greet with Jay Lethal, Adam Cole, Maria Kanellis, Paul London, Taiji Ishimori and the Briscoe Brothers. Autographs were $10 each or $50 if you wanted everyone. It was noticeable that ROH had debuted a new entrance stage witch looked great.

Dark Match:

Josh Alexander and “All Ego” Ethan Page b. The Flatliners

Main Card:

Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander b. ACH and TaDarius Thomas
- Great Opener, the crowd was hot from the start. The match was very quick pace and both teams really shined Roderick Strong b. Mike Bennett w/ Maria Kanellis
- The finish of the match was when the ROH dojo student Brendel (aka Cheeseburger) came out and kissed Maria which distracted Bennett and Strong took advantage.

BJ Whitmer b. Rhett Titus in an I Quit Match
- Before the match Steve Carino came out alongside Titus and cut a promo. Nigel McGuinness (who was on commentary) got up and ejected Steve Carino from ringside in the opening moments of the match. The Finish was Steve Carino came out again and offered to sacrifice himself when Whitmer was going to hit Titus with a chair when he was zip tied to the ropes, Titus then said I quit. This was the weakest match on the show.

S.C.U.M. (Jimmy Jacobs and Cliff Compton) b. Michael Elgin and Jay Lethal
- The match started when Jacobs and Compton ran out to attack BJ Whitmer after his match then Lethal and Elgin ran out. Jay Lethal got “hurt” from a suicide drive into a barricade half way through the match and he was take backstage, when Michael Elgin was building up to the hot tag Kevin Steen shows up (to a THUNDERUS pop) and run into the corner to tag Elgin, Nigel McGuinness allowed it and he was in the match. After the match Michael Elgin walked out in frustration and
Kevin Steen cut a promo were he said he’ll shove Matt Hardy up Steve Carino's ass.


QT Marshall and RD Evans come out, RD trys to cut a promo but the crowd starts FANDANGOING, after a little while Tommaso Ciampa returns! He attacks Marshall until he runs away.

Eddie Edwards b. Taiji Ishimori
- Really great match, I recommend checking it out Matt Taven w/ Truth Martini and the Hoopla Hotties b. Mark Briscoe to retain the ROH Television championship
- The crowd was really behind Mark Briscoe and disappointed that he didn’t win

Davey Richards b. “The Intrepid Traveler” Paul London
- This match was AWESOME, lots of great spots. After the match Davey Richards cut a promo putting over London then London put over Richards in great sign of respect

Jay Briscoe b. Adam Cole to retain the ROH World Heavyweight Championship
- Adam Cole worked a more heelish style in this match, after the referee gets knocked out Steve Carino came out once again and gives Adam Cole a S.C.U.M. shirt and he just stares at it, Nigel McGuinness gets up from the commentary table and walks towards the back, he stops and instead goes back to the ring and attacks Carino and hits him with the Tower of London (his old finisher and to a gigantic pop) and drags Corino to the back, shortly after Jay Briscoe hits Cole with the Jay Driller and wins. After the match Adam Cole teases a heel turn by thinking about superkicking Jay behind his back but decides not to. Jay Briscoe then cuts a promo thanking the fans tonight as Lynyrd Skynyrd plays on the loud speakers to end the show. Overall this was an AWESOME show and worth watching.

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