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Live Report From Ring Of Honor "Border Wars" With Full Results

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Wrestling News World reader A-Rob attended last night's Ring of Honor "Border Wars" iPPV in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and sent in the following live report:

Before the show they had a pre-show meet and greet with Fit Finlay, Michael Elgin, Lance Storm, Jay Lethal and Jay Briscoe (both brothers were advertised to do the signing but only Jay was there since Mark got held up at the Border so he was running late but he did pre signed some 8x10 so you got his autograph as well if you paid for it). Autographs were $10 each and people were able to take pictures with the wrestlers so everyone was happy.

Pre Show Dark Match: Grizzly Redwood b. Delirious

Main Card:

Eddie Edwards b. Rhino w/ Truth Martini
- The crowd was 60/40 in favour of Rhino, at the end of the match they teased Rhino turning on Truth but Truth Paid Rhino off so he didn’t attack him.

The All Night Xpress and TJ Perkins b. The Young Bucks and Mike Mondo
- Lots of great quick paced action in this match.

Jay Lethal b. Tommaso Ciampa w/ Prince Nana, R.D. Evans and Ernesto Osiris (Embassy Ltd)
- A YES! YES! YES! Chant broke out during the match and we also saw a few new looks, Prince Nana cut his dreadlocks off and Tommaso Ciampa has grown a beard witch is white (he got heckled for that thought out the match) and it was interesting to see Ciampa get his first loss in ROH, wonder what they are going to do with him.

Lance Storm b. Mike Bennett w/ Brutal Bob
- After the match Lance got on the Microphone and cut a promo putting over Ring Of Honor and thanking the crowd. Maria Kenellis wasn’t there because she was attending her younger Sisters College Graduation, Mike Bennett is a star in the making I won’t be surprised if WWE signs him within the next 2 years.

Michael Elgin w/Truth Martini b. Adam Cole
- Crowd was really into Elgin since he is from the area, after the match Truth Martini cut a promo saying Michael Elgin is a rising star, he also said he was going to stay out there since Roderick Strong’s match was next but Adam Cole got up and superkicked Truth so Michael Elgin carried him out.

Roderick Strong b. Fit Finlay to retain the ROH World Television Championship
- Both men worked stiff in this match

Wrestlings Greatest Tag Team (Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin) b. The Briscoe Brothers to WIN the ROH World Tag Team Championships
- This match was better than their match last year in Toronto, at the start of the match Jay Briscoe came out along and was walking around ringside staring down WGTT then Mark Briscoe came through the crowd in a hockey jersey and helmet and sneak attacked WGTT and the brawling began

Kevin Steen w/ Jimmy Jacobs b. Davey Richards to WIN the ROH World Heavyweight Championship
- Before the match Steve Corino came out and sat at the commentary table with Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuiness, The Crowd was 100% behind Steen and Davey worked as the heel in what was an amazing match and when he got the pinfall the crowd when APES#!T, Steen won with the package piledriver (which is a banned move in ROH but it was unbanned for this match only) and it was teased throughout the match. After the match Cary Silken entered the ring about to give the ROH Championship to Kevin Steen but gave it to the ref instead and then Steve Corino entered the ring and took off his jacket teasing he was going to attack Steen and Jacobs but Steen show him the belt and Carino hugs him and then Jimmy Jacobs joins in. Kevin Steen the should he doesn’t need a speah since he is Kevin F**king Steen.

Overall it was a GREAT show live, I heard there was a small problem with the IPPV feed so hopefully that was fixed and you all can/could have watch(ed) this show, I highly recommend it, they also announced a return date to Toronto in October 13th in Mississauga (it’s just outside Toronto) at the International Center

Given the problems with last night's ROH iPPV, we are asking for your vote on whether or not we continue covering Ring of Honor. Please vote now!

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